Hey Bombshells!

No matter your age, there are unspoken fashion rules dictating the appropriate way to dress.

While a mature woman should steer clear of tube tops, catsuits, and shiny fabrics, the younger set has to ensure their wardrobe skews bold (not boring).

Today we spoke to stylist extraordinaire and Fashion Bomb friend Lloyd Boston to give us a few tips on Dressing Your Age. You tell us if you agree!

First tip:

1. Dress your age, not your size:

Wendy Williams Dressing Age

Radio Queen Wendy Williams attended her talk show launch last night in a revealing, trendy Herve Leger Bandage Dress. While the style might be cool for Cassie, Rihanna, and Keyshia, Wendy is in a different league and generation. In situations like these, Boston says, “For older women, it’s best to focus on classic pieces that work for your body type and opt for the newest handbag or shoe instead. If a trend doesn’t work for you, let it go (not to worry – it will be gone soon enough!).” Rachel is a great example of how a classic look can still look chic on the red carpet:


2. Make sure the fabric quality matches your wisdom and life experience:


Former beauty queen Vanessa Wiliams opted for an iridescent catsuit for her album listening party–eek! Boston says, “For mature women, less is more! Add touches of shiny fabrics (like patent leather) to your outfit to stay modern.” Oprah does a smash up job, wearing a long skirt in glossy leather:


3. Dress by fit, not by size:

Queen Latifah American Music Awards

Queen Latifah normally knows how to dress for her body type, but the dress she chose for the American Music Awards was a tad snug. The key to timeless style, no matter your age, is to buy clothes that fit. Boston says, “Don’t get hung up on the size. If the size 10 fits better than the 8, get it!” Vivica Fox’s suit is a great example of a flattering fit:

Vivica Fox White Suit

4.Don’t get hung up on comfort:


Loose fitting outfits, like the one Jennifer Hudson chose to wear for the Today show, actually make you look older, not younger. “Walking around in baggy clothes all the time will take its toll on you, and the impression you make on others,” says Boston. Younger women should stick to the timeless fit rule, as Jennifer Hudson shows here in a figure flattering, skin skimming black dress:


5. Lastly, we have: Don’t always play it safe


While Gabby shows that black is a very versatile color, “taking the safe route can add years to your look,” says Boston. Stick to classics, but also opt for a cute haircut, statement jewelry, or bomb shoes. Boston says, “Make at least ONE area of your look register as a bit unsafe.  Just add a wink of it now. It goes a long way…


Great tips!

Do you guys have anything to add?

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Thanks to Adriana for reporting!