As summer draws nigh, Kylie Jenner Cosmetics has dropped a new limited edition collection, and this time she wants you to bask in some summer vibes with ‘The Vacation Edition.’

Kylie dropped new limited products from Kylie Cosmetics on Thursday at 3pm (PST), and her fans lapped it up, scooping up the most anticipated ones like “The Wet Set” (now sold out with only a few items left available).

The collection glistens in illuminating color palettes that are fresh, cool, and give off a beaming glow that works best for day wear.

Like most of her new collections, she gave a sneak peak through Snapchat to show the world what’s arriving soon.

The “Super Glitter Gloss” bursts with shimmery gold hues.

Her collections, which usually consist of more dark, muted tones, are now switched to more shimmery tones with smooth textures.

“The West Set,” is a pressed shiny powder priced at $65. It’s another easily applicable product, as it has carries a moist texture. She even demonstrated how soft the texture was using one good swipe with her index finger and rubbing it on her models arm as a moisturizing body glitter.

Another, is the “Ultra Glow” which is sold out, came in three shades: “Fiji,” “Santorini,” and “Tahiti.” It’s more of a loose powder base.

And let’s not forget the lip gloss sets called “Send Me More Nudes,” which is still available. Colors in the pack of 6 for $45 carry blush pinks to light brown hues in matte and velvet.

Some fans even splurged to get the “Vacation Edition Bundle” for $250 that includes every bit from the limited collection.

Check out more from the collection below:

These matte lip-gloss colors all have very seductive and flirty names like “Birthday,” “Bare,” “Commando” and “Naked.”

These colors from “Kyshadow” palette are very fun and tropical. Some of the names are “Piña Colado,” “Paradise,” “Starfish,” “Island Girl” and “Sunset.”

Straight from “The Wet Set” palette, here’s a full view of “Get-A-Way,” “Do Not Disturb,” “Privacy Please” and “Unbothered.”


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Courtesy photos from @Kylizzlemynizzle ; @kyliejenner