Teyana Taylor‘s raw talent was captured Sunday evening during her solo performance in the premiere of Kanye West’s ‘Fade’ video at the MTV Video Music Awards.  Following her Lil Kim tribute at this year’s VH1 Hip Hop Honors, Taylor upped the ante with a jaw-dropping dance sequence that’s sure to have the streets talking for a few weeks.

teyana-kanye-Fade-VideoThe recent mother of 8 month old daughter Iman Tayla (affectionately known as Junie), put her fit, toned body on display as she donned moves reminiscent of the 1980’s Flashdance movie.  Her skin glistened as she rolled around on the floor in a crop top and thong, whipping her damp tresses as she moved to the music.


Her recent performances remind us of why we fell in love with the vivacious singer, dancer and designer.  From her appearance on MTV’s Sweet Sixteen to her current and most important role as a mother, Taylor shows that she is able to juggle it all.


Her 2007 television debut helped put her on the map.  The big-haired, sneaker-head girl with a raspy voice was the textbook definition of a tomboy.  Forget high-heels and fancy cars, she wanted exclusive sneakers and high-end bicycles.  Her love for luxury footwear would eventually lead her to collaborations with major brands like Adidas and Reebok.


Teyana-taylor-sneakersTaylor used her YouTube page as a platform to promote her singing and dancing.  She would upload videos of herself covering songs by Alicia Keys, Anita Baker and Lauryn Hill. She would also show off her choreography skills by dancing to hit songs like Beyonce’s ‘End of Time.’  In 2014 she released VII, her debut studio album under GOOD Music.  The album was in the number 1 spot on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip Hop Album category.



Teyana-Taylor-babybuddahbug-01Successfully mastering music, dance and design, she embarked on what might be her biggest accomplishment.  In December of 2015, Taylor’s fiance Iman Shumpert, basketball player for the Cleveland Cavilers, delivered their baby girl in the bathroom of their home. But more shocking than how the baby was delivered was the photo Teyana Taylor posted to her Instagram six days post baby.


Now we’ve come full circle.  Yesterday’s performance reminded the world that Teyana Taylor is HOT!  The epic ‘Fade’ video proves this triple threat is one to be watched. Number one album? Check! Bomb dance skills? Check!  Talented designer? Judging by her sold out collections, I’d say she is!  This video has the potential to take her career to the next level and if all fails, we can at least thank Teyana for our new gym memberships! #BodyGoals


What did you think of her performance?


XOXO – Marsha B.