*I always knew Joy Bryant was more than just a pretty face…
…turns out that while she was taking in all the shows during Fashion Week, she was also guest blogging for a website called Starworks, snapping pictures while also offering a bit of commentary. About Herve Leger she says, “[My friend personifies] the Herve Leger woman: unapologetically sexual and fiercely self-assured… the kind of woman that rolls out of bed, tosses her hair, and throws on a hot little tight dress, all the while daring the world to judge her.” OK then!
*Seems in addition to designers, lots of artists have offered their support to Barack Obama. Check this shirt designed by swoon worthy producer Pharrell:
The theme is “Obama stands apart from the crowd.” Yes he does! Get yours for $60 at store.barackobama.com.
*Psssst: Do you Rock an Obama T??? Send your pix to [email protected]!!
*And Suzy Menkes of the IHT wonders if fast fashion is going out of fashion
She says, “As a phenomenon, speedy style has given a shake up to the industry and brought the look of the moment to main street, with the collaboration of leading designers. It has proved that fashion does not have to be elitist and that big names are as capable of creating cheap chic as haute couture….But, as with all things fashionable, from kitten-heel mules to girly frills, there is a moment when it is over. And for fast fashion, that is now…” What do you think? I love me some Forever 21!! Read more here. [IHT]