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So I’m going on vacation! I’m hitting up the Big Apple tomorrow to catch up with my peeps (and to watch the Real Housewives of ATL), then going to the Bahamas for a family reunion. I’m sure you guys are traveling as well this summer, so in anticipation surf and sand, I’ve compiled 100 items any jetsetting fashionista should have on hand:

1. Flirty Dresses:

Summer Dresses Jennifer Lopez Genevieve Jones

Who wants to worry about coordinating outfits in high heat? Make your choice easy by rocking fashionable tunics or mini dresses that are fab enough to make an impression, but light enough to keep you comfy:

2. Cool Shades:

Solange Keyshia Cole Sunglasses Fashion Bomb

A cute pair of sunnies can instantly upgrade your swagger. Experiment with different colors, shapes, and gradients:

3. Wedge Heels:

Jaslene Angela Simmons Wedge Heels

I’m always an advocate of a wedge heel that will offer comfort while making you look tall and svelte:

4. Statement Jewels:

Ciara Rihanna Statement Jewelry

Dress up your simple tunics with long necklaces, sparkly earrings, and big bracelets:

5. Lightweight Tote:

Beyonce Diane von Furstenberg Tote

Cart your summer reading and important docs in a lightweight canvas tote that will reflect your fashionista spirit:

6. Flats:

Serena Williams Kelly Rowland Beach Flats

Run in between terminals or saunter around the beach in a pair of stylish flats:

7. Swimsuits:

Mel B Swimsuit Fashion Bomb

Pack your standby bikini and one piece, but also look into suits with cut out styles or embellishments:

8. Waterproof Makeup:

Kim Kardashian Summer Makeup

Look fly by the poolside in products that won’t smudge with a splash of water or sweat:

9. Cute Carry on:

Leona Lewis Cute Carry On

I hate checking bags, so have invested in colorful yet compact luggage that can fit all my essentials and pop into an overhead compartment:

10. Summer Reading!


I can’t wait to turn into my newest issues of the New Yorker and Vogue on the beach, and of course I have fash-lit (“The House of Gucci“) to read on the plane! Summer is all about getting time to read the bomb novel, so get it poppin!

I’m off to pack!

In the meantime, tell me where your travels are taking you this summer;)


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16 thoughts on “Jetset Style : 100 Fashion Items to Take on Vacation!”

  1. Great post, but I still like the one from last summer about what to pack. I’m heading to San Fran next week and I have no idea what to pack. I’m thinking a summerwieght flannel tunic.

  2. Once again, your post are right on time. I’m leaving on vacay on Friday and I have most of these items. Just need to get a good tote and I’ll be all set!

  3. You are like my fashion pyshic because i am going on a trip in like…two weeks to NY for my birthday and i needed to know what i should pack. We’re staying in this ultra-glam hotel and all the suggestions you made will make my stay even more glam and fun. Thanks girl and keep up the good work!!!

  4. I’m off to Toronto this weekend for Caribana, this post could not have come at a better time since I’m such a last minute packer.

  5. Fab post, I am going on a cruise in 3 weeks to the Bahamas and needed some ideas…..Thanks

  6. This post is right on time, I’m leaving for Jamaica next Monday!! Definitely feeling the flats, I just saw a great pair across the street from my work and I think I’m going to go get them. Safe travels!

  7. Love this post! I’m going to Aruba in September so I’m currently on the hunt for easy-breezy dresses in fun prints and super-embellished flats I can wear from day into night…its all about versatility and double-duty these days.

  8. Laving tomorrow night, family vacation in North Carolina. Getting back to our roots! Great Post.

  9. I think you always need more than two swimsuits! A sexy monokini is a must, but you need to get rid of the tan lines by alternating it between a bandeau top bikini and another sexy little brazilian suit! Just saying…

  10. These days you have to be careful how much you pack, or you will be charged! I found all you really need is a few swimsuits, some cute dresses, flat sandals, sexy heels to wear out, sunglasses, mascara, lip gloss and off course, sunscreen!

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