So yesterday I took a break from the shows to just chill and party it up a bit. I ran into model extraordinaire Veronica Webb (who we wrote about here)…


…and had to ask her about the perennial issue of diversity on the runways:

I also chit chatted with Gossip Girl’s Nicole Fiscella for all your GG fans. See that video here.
I’m running out of questions to ask…If you met your number one celeb, who would it be, and what would you ask them?

2 thoughts on “Interview: Veronica Webb at MCM and W Lounge Event”

  1. Who are your top 5 models to watch?
    What trend are you unable to let go?
    What trend are you happy has continued for another season cos its the majority of your closet now?
    Do you think its a problem/ disrespectful that the last day of FWNY is the first day of FW in London? What does that mean for the big models and designers showing on the 1st day?
    Are you eagerly anticipating the move for next year’s fashion week away from the tents?
    Have you felt a change in the overal production of the fashion shows this year since many top designers opted for either no “show” or a pared down “viewing”? Did you feel like the ones that did a full show scaled back in light of the economic crisis or was it business as usual?
    Have you been introduced to any stars or celebs you had never met before but wanted to?
    Sacrilige! You’ve overslept for a fashion show and you have 10 minutes to get ready what are your go-to products for face to get ready and how would you do your hair?

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