Yay, it’s Thursday! Only one day till the weekend…love the weekends….
Anyway, I was out and about last night (at the YBF meet and greet), so intern Rachel decided to step in today.
Enjoy! And check for deets of the party at the end of the post…
Hi, Fashion Bomb intern Rachel here!
As the fall returns once again, classic, muted colors like black, gray, beige, and brown appear for basic clothing pieces. However, this season proves that while you can never go wrong with a pair of dark skinny jeans or your favorite flats, you can splash some flair into your wardrobe with massive, colorful, and creative accessories of all types.
For starters, the easiest way to spruce up the classic, casual look of cute denim, a
simple dark top, and comfortable black boots is to accent the outfit with a large
shoulder bag or tote in a rich shade.


Meagan Good’s purse pops with its light color and golden chain. When looking for an eye-catching holder to carry through the streets, remember that different hues are key, and the larger, the better.
Try this tote, with its romantic red coloring and classy crocodile print:

Furla Crocodile Embossed Medium Tote, $465, www.bloomingdales.com
For something more casual and affordable, go for this J Crew tote in a pretty fuschia shade:

Nylon Somerset tote, $49.99, www.jcrew.com
And for more basic coloring, try this carrier in white:

Cecilia Quilted Patent Tote, $276.50, shopbop.com
When flashing those bags around the city, don’t forget to adorn your wrists with colorful bangles. These retro-inspired pieces add individuality to any get up.
For something simple yet sophisticated, try these gold bangles:

A.V. Max Set of Three Gold Bangles, $47, www.bluefly.com
Also go for these thick bracelets in different shades, such as green.

Tinted Lucite Bracelet, $5.80, www.forever21.com
Not to be outdone, the rings for this season come in varied shapes and sizes. Don’t be afraid to adorn those fingers with square-shaped rings like this one:

SURevolution Confeti Square Shaped Ring, $42, shopbop.com
Or, if you can splurge, go for something unique and eye-catching like this ring of sterling silver and topaz.

Stephen Dweck Cabochon Ring, $395, www.neimanmarcus.com
For earrings, you should try styles in bright colors, varying shapes, and most importantly, large sizes.
These earrings, both from Neiman Marcus, will adorn your more casual, simple outfits with a complementary burst of style.

Pictured from left to right: Grace Chan Onyx & Quartz Cluster Earrings, $80; Alex Woo Narissa Gold Earrings, $300; www.neimanmarcus.com
In addition to the earrings, choose necklaces of long lengths with swinging pendants, like these picks.

Listed from left to right: Kevia Gold Domed Honeycomb Pendant Necklace, $68, www.bluefly.com; Kenneth Jay Lane Gold and Pebble Necklace, $188, www.net-a-porter.com
And to tie together any great outfit, look out for wide belts that accentuate the upper body and provide an overall slimming effect.

Another Line Triple Buckle Metallic Snake Corset Belt, $98, www.nordstrom.com

Metallic Cinch Belt, $69, www.spiegel.com
So while shopping for fall accessories, just remember that size is everything and color is the way to go – larger does not equal gaudy this season, and rainbow shades or shiny patterns can accentuate the simple autumn styles!
Great job, Rachel! My correspondents and interns have really turned it out this week! Fab!
So as I said, I went to YBF’s meet and greet last night.
There were a good number of pop culture afficionados there.
Highlights of the night included a throwback performance by Soul for Real (remember Candy Rain???)…
…I literally was like a teenage groupie when they sang, “Everything Little Thing I Do.”
The night also included a performance by a cool indie rapper, Consequence…
….people in the crowd didn’t really know who he was. I have his CD…he’s worth a listen!
There were a few fashionable peeps….
..but what really caught my attention was this group of 80’s inspired guys….
….I’ve actually seen one of them around before, and took a picture, but didn’t think to post until today (yeah, how could I not!?!?). They were showing OUT in high top fades, glasses, Kangol hats, and cardigans. I personally love their look. Thoughts?
It was pretty fun!
The night was an early one for me…got home at a respectable 1am. Just enough time to sleep and get ready for work! Check out The B Life for more pictures.
PS Kanye Blogs! Pretty cool. Check it out here.

8 thoughts on “Intern Post: Ample Autumn Accessories + YBF Meet and Greet”

  1. Natasha looked like a goddess at the party, she’s such a cutie! I liked the style of the guys who were rockin’ the 80’s look, very different from what you usually see men wearing. I wish I was there, I used to be in love with Soul Foreal.

  2. the guy with the cream sweater….is that Ray from the Alex Mack Show that used to be on Nickelodeon?

  3. wow..Natasha looked gawjus!Make up was very striking.
    Your outfit looks really nice….been seeing a lot of the oriental inspired ensembles lately…was it a dress or top?

  4. Fun Fun Fun. I’m glad everything went good for YBF.I’m most glad that you got some good pictures.

    The Bee is out!

  5. LOL…I’ve seen the 80’s guys at parties before and have pictures with them. They really take me back.

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