Who said you can’t wear lingerie outside, more so on an evening party? Well, if you want to electrify your evening party with your sexy lingerie, you’re at the right place. Lingerie is so much more than just nighttime wear and the age of styling it for outside events has long begun.

First things first, some women may not even consider the thought of wearing lingerie out in the open. It can be due to various reasons such as personal taste, religion, confidence, or maybe it just isn’t your style. However, if you want to go outside the box by wearing lingerie in an evening party or event, it can be easily styled for the occasion. You need to be a little bit creative and resourceful since lingerie can go well with many other outfits. 

Here are some ways in which you can style your sexy lingerie for an evening party. Feel free to follow these and enjoy the attire that’ll exude your femininity. 

  1. Choose A Lingerie With Lined Cups

One of the easiest go-to in styling your lingerie is choosing one which has lined bras. This type of lingerie can do the job of covering your sensitive parts without exerting too much effort. Also, lined cups can prevent your nipples from protruding out which may cause awkwardness. You can also opt to look for teddy lingerie with varying levels of transparency and lacing to add extra flavor to your body.

  1. Have Some Lace Peeking Out

One other way to style your lingerie is by having some extra laces peeking out of your outfit. These extra laces can lend an air of sophistication to your body and make you look soft but strong. You can put a tank top over your lingerie and show some little straps on the upper part of the bra. 

You can also look for lacy bralettes during summertime. Lacy bralettes are comfortable to wear, which also makes them perfect for a summer evening party. They can be breathable through the summer heat and they’re also perfect if you want to rest under palm trees. 

  1. Wear A Jacket On Top Of Your Lingerie

If you feel overexposed with the above suggestions, you can wear a jacket or a tank top on top of your lingerie. Denim jackets are the best, especially when partnered with denim pants. You should also avoid wearing a leather jacket as it can overdo the lingerie and overdose it.

You can also look for fancy lingerie which creates a bolder look without overexposure. To add extra flavor, you can put on a shoal or a scarf and let it drape over your body. Belts can also look good if you want your figure to be defined. 

  1. Accessorize With A Bra

This style is a little bit tricky, but rest assured that it’s elegant if pulled off properly. If your bodysuit or lingerie lacks any design elements like lined cups or extra laces, you can wear a bra underneath it. Wearing bras with overdesigned lingerie can be a little bit over-the-top so you may want to avoid that. 

When you have a strappy bodysuit, you can look for a plain triangular bra with thin straps lining it. On the other hand, if the bodysuit or lingerie you have is simple, you can wear a bra with lacy straps to add design to your bodysuit. 

  1. Partner It With Skinny Jeans

You can finish your look with a denim jean, the perfect item to pair with your lingerie. You can pair your teddy lingerie with some high-waist denim skinny jeans if you want to go for a bold and beautiful look. A jacket or a blazer can also add some flair to your outfit. Some good combinations include jeans and a bralette, jeans and a teddy, or jeans and a corset. Dark denim jeans or ripped jeans can also elevate the look without the worry of looking awkward. 

Bottom line:

Lingerie is so much more than nighttime wear. You can add some style to it by choosing extra accessories and adding a touch of your confidence. You can wear a bra underneath it or you can wear denim jeans and a denim jacket or blazer to finish the look. This list isn’t exhaustive, and you can also add your ingenuity to the art of wearing sexy lingerie as your evening party wear. You can pair it with some sweaters or high-end dresses. All you need is a little bit of creativity and you’re good to go. 


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