Fashion Bomb reader Melissa wrote in asking, “What can I do to keep makeup on my face and not everywhere else? I have a primer and I know that is supposed to help with keeping make up on my face and longevity but that just doesn’t seem to cut it, especially when I’m wiping my face or happen to rub my face against someone’s clothes. I use a foundation that is supposed to stay on your face as well. I heard that setting sprays are good but I don’t know where to start. Is there anything that you suggest?

Hey Melissa!

This is actually a pretty common thing in the world of makeup. I remember when I first started wearing makeup I was wearing a liquid foundation one day and went to hug a friend who was wearing a white as snow sweater. When I let go of the embrace guess what was all over her once pristine sweater? Yep. About half of my made-up face. *sigh*

While there isn’t a way to completely get rid of makeup rub off, there are some things you can do to limit it. Using a primer as you mentioned is one. Primers help to keep your makeup on your face longer, but using it alone won’t do much for transfer. It’s a good idea to also set your foundation with finishing powder and yes, there are some good makeup sprays out there that also help. My current fave is Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix Spray (sold at Sephora), but I also hear good things about Ben Nye Final Seal Spray and Mehron Barrier Spray. Ben Nye and Mehron can be found where professional makeup products are sold.

You can also try applying thinner layers of your makeup or switching to powder formulas which aid in absorbing your skin’s oils that add to makeup stains. Or try waterproof formulas. Makeup brand Make Up For Ever has a host of waterproof makeup from foundations to lip and eye color.

Make Up For Ever Boutique inside Sephora Soho

But before you think you’re immune from rub-off after using a setting spray, there are also some new tricks you’ll need to train yourself to do. I’m completely clumsy but over the years have managed to train myself to not touch my face. I’ve got this down so good that I don’t even touch my face when it’s makeup-free. This helps to prevent accidentally getting your makeup all over anything your hands touch like your report due at 2 P.M. or a friend’s collar. If you absolutely must touch your face, be sure to wash your hands immediately or keep some hand wipes in your purse to cleanse your hands.

You’ll also want to adjust the way you hug. Instead of a face-to-face hug, try to go in on an angle to avoid hitting your subject’s clothes. I’ve managed to keep my makeup off other’s clothes for the last five years doing all of the above. Practice makes perfect though.

Good luck!