A perfect pair of jeans is the cornerstone of any man’s wardrobe.

Perfect for smart occasions, relaxing at home and casual get-togethers, the versatility of men’s jeans means they can be worn with pretty much anything. Whether you’re dressing up for the office or dressing down for a lazy Sunday afternoon, you just can’t go wrong with a pair of durable, reliable and stylish jeans.

However, sometimes finding that perfect pair becomes much more complicated than it first appears; involving hours of browsing and endless trips to the changing rooms, as you try to find something suitable for your height and build.

In fact, there are so many brands and styles for you to choose from, shopping for jeans can become a real nightmare if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. So, we’ve put together a quick guide to give you a little helping hand:

Ripped Jeans

Okay, so ripped jeans might not be for everyone. They immediately bring up memories of Kurt Cobain and the 90’s grunge scene, while more recent wearers include Kanye West, Justin Bieber and seemingly the entire cast of Jersey Shore. When worn right, however, ripped jeans are an essential piece of casual menswear.

Distressed denim is a fantastic option for any guys hoping to achieve the ultimate laid-back look, while the extent, size and placement of the blemishes will depend entirely upon your own personal preference. Either way, ripped jeans just look so damn cool when they’re properly pulled off, and it’s not hard to see why washed-denim designs are so popular among younger people.

Ideal for: the casual look.

Pair with: baggy t-shirts, bomber jackets, long overcoats, oversized jumpers.

Slim-Fit Jeans

Slim jeans provide a snugger, tighter fit, while also creating the illusion of the wearer being taller and slimmer. Since they hug the thighs and knees so tightly, slim-fit jeans have always been popular among regular gym-goers with more of an athletic build; flattering their body shape and accentuating their lean figure.

But these jeans will loosen up towards the calves and ankles, offering plenty of room for movement and providing a great option for those with a slimmer build (who want to avoid the restrictions of skinny jeans). Smarter, dark wash slim jeans are undoubtedly the most popular; a versatile wardrobe addition that can be worn both around the office or when relaxing at home.

Ideal for: those with a more athletic build.

Pair with: baggy sweatshirts, flannel shirts, smart blazers, button-up polos.

Straight-Leg Jeans

Although straight-leg jeans perhaps aren’t as popular as they once were, they’re still an essential purchase for anyone that hates the tighter fit of modern designs. Since skinnier jeans will draw attention to the length of their legs and ultimately make them look out of proportion, taller people tend to opt for straight jeans as a way of adding some width to their look.

This classic fit is pretty much the same through the thighs down to the ankle, so they always tend to feel a little loose around the bottom. Of course, this looser fit makes them perfect for those lazy Sunday afternoons in front of the telly; while also providing a great option for any guys with chunkier thighs and a little more around the middle.

Ideal for: those with taller frames or looking for a traditional cut for simple everyday use.

Pair with: pretty much anything in your wardrobe!

Tape Jeans

Typically coming with bold, brash branding running down the outside of both legs, tape jeans are essentially a strange hybrid of skinny jeans and tracksuit bottoms. Providing a relaxed, sporty look and oozing audacious urban style, these jeans are perfect for anyone hoping to express their individuality and create a completely unique style.

Ideal for: a laid-back, sporty look.

Pair with: fresh trainers, hoodies, basic t-shirts.

Skinny Jeans

Fitting snugly around the thighs, calves and ankles, skinny (or “spray on”) jeans are obviously more popular among slimmer men, while shorter guys also wear them to make their legs appear longer and thinner. Usually worn in black, skinny jeans have a tendency for stretching over time, so it’s certainly worth bearing that in mind when you’re browsing the selection and trying pairs on.

Comfortable, stretchy and downright trendy, this contemporary fit is all the rage right now, while skinny jeans are usually paired with larger jumpers or t-shirts to help balance out the slimming effect. Offering a distinctive style, a great pair of dark skinny jeans is an essential addition to any guy’s smart-casual wardrobe—while the snug fit is bound to keep you warmer this winter!

Ideal for: slimmer or shorter men.

Pair with: high-top trainers, oversized sweatshirts, plaid shirts.