Beyonce was among the many celebrities at the White House’s annual Easter Egg Hunt, rocking a $3,510 Marco De Vincenzo dress from their Spring/Summer 2016 collection:Beyonce-White-House-Marco-De-Vincenzo-Dress-Spring-2016

The dress features a high-collar button-up, as well as strong under-wiring in the bust area. Under the wiring, the long-sleeve dress flows from red to tan to then an off-white lace, where it finishes off sheer.Beyonce-White-House-Marco-De-Vincenzo-Spring-2016-Dress-4

I personally am not a fan of that under-wiring (I don’t think it’s flattering for the bust area), but if that were gone, I would think this is a cute look. I have hope for the dress because it looked decent in a photo she took with her mother and Monica:Beyonce-Monica-Tina-White-House-Marco-De-Vincenzo-Dress-

What do ya’ll think about this look on Bey? Is it hot or is it definitely Hmm?Beyonce-White-House-Marco-De-Vincenzo-Dress-Spring-2016-2




Hot! or Hmmm: Beyonce White House Easter Egg Hunt’s Marco De Vincenzo Red & White Lace Spring 2016 Dress free polls




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