BET’s Hip Hop Awards went down this weekend in the ATL with a slew of Fashion Bomb celebrities shutting down the red carpet. Did they turn it out for the Dirty South? Or did they make you go hmm….?

Dirty Money BET HIp Hop Awards

Kaleena, P. Diddy, and Dawn Richard of Dirty Money sat front row for the crunk show in coordinated black and white outfits, Dawn and Kaleena both sporting cool, chopped, highlighted haircuts and bold jewelry.  I especially like former Danity Kaner Dawn’s shield sunglasses and revamped edgy image.  A hot look for the new group!

Toccara BET Hip Hop Awards

Toccara sashayed outside in a turquoise batwing jersey dress with a deep v-neck, high hemline, and fun pockets. The dress is roomy, yet the length and silhouette make it uberly flattering–her strappy nude sandals add to the allure. Hot!

Tiny Toya BET Hip HOp Awards

BET babes Tiny and Toya also made it out for the event, both opting for black with Toya in a revealing cocktail dress and Tiny in an embellished sleeveless blouse worn with jewel encrusted leggings and open toe boots. Each individual piece has lots of potential, but hmm, there are just one too many things going on with each outfit. The belts, chains, patterns, and tats are simply assaults to the fashion senses.

Monica BET Hip Hop Awards

ATLien Monica brought it back with a simple black suit, modernized with a roomy jacket and skinny pants, and sauced up with a gray and black corset top and amazing thigh length platform boots. A diva updo and multicolored nails add a dash of funk to Monica’s slightly conservative yet definitely hot outfit!

Mario BET HIp Hop Awards

What would an awards show be without the fellas? Crooner Mario kept it casual in a plaid shirt, slate gray pea coat, dark baggy jeans, and a chill knit hat. Though relaxed, his look is perfect for a BET hip hop show–he made an effort to be pulled together yet laid back. Hot!

Fatima Robinson  BET HIp Hop Awards

One of my favorite looks came from choreographer Fatima Robinson who went for a 20’s vibe in a feathered hat, high waist pencil skirt, and on an trend high shoulder jacket. Though her shoes could’ve been turned up a notch, I’m in love with the outfit’s sophisticated edginess.

Jim Jones Soulja Boy BET Hip Hop Awards

What would an ATL show be without Soulja Boy himself? The Down South kid wonder accessorized a red t-shirt, white pants, and Gucci belt with tons of oversized chains and eye catching white sunglasses. Buddy Jim Jones didn’t step too far away from typical rapper fair, rocking a white tee, distressed jeans, Timberlands, and tons of blinged out jewelry. Soulja Boy is a teenager so he gets a pass, but hmm, don’t ya think it’s time for Jim Jones to invest in a button down?

What say you?

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More pictures:

Nicki Minaj Fabolous BET Hip Hop Awards

Nicki Minaj, Fabolous


Jazze Phe

Busta Rhymes Jessica White BET Hip Hop Awards

Busta Rhymes, Jessica White


Fonzworth Bentley

8 thoughts on “Hot! or Hmm…: The 2009 BET Hip Hop Awards”

  1. Jessica White has been so disappointing with her style these days. Did her stylist quit? Sean Penn has definitely done something to her, because ever since she’s been seen with him, it’s been down hill. Jazze Pha – Words can’t express this foolishness. Somebody set him up and he fell for it.

  2. EVERYBODY gets a big hmm. I would say Monica looks hot, but she always seems to wear the skinnys, thigh boots, and boyfriend blazer to every event.

  3. I don’t get the hype around the ATL. BET is one big minstrel show. I’m really disappointed in the lack of diversity in the fashion department everyone chose an outfit from the same “edgy” garbage pile.

  4. Jessica White gets a big, fat, HMMMMM…she’s been looking a mess lately! Smh…Tiny and Toya! Nicky Minaj’s hair is fire and Dawn’s look is improving. Love the white blonde streaks : )

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