In the spirit of tribute, love, and fellowship, the fashionable turned out to celebrate the King of Pop’s life and legacy, as well as the achievements of beloved Bomb celebs. But who achieved highest on the red carpet?


The reigning Queen of Pop, Beyoncé, sparkles in a Balmain Spring 2009 sequined mini-dress and coordinating lavender platform peep-toe heels. Not a huge fan of the shoes but loving the oversized green hoops and dress combo, along with the tousled Sasha Fierce waves. The dress looked even better on TV, where it was clear homegirl was wearing the he** out of it. Quite hot!


Fellow superstar Alicia Keys kept the sparkle trend going in an aqua silk chiffon number with gold beading. Set off by spiral curls and nude strappy sandals, A-Keys’ look has a Moroccan vibe about it and I’m not mad. Looking hot, Ms. Keys. :-)


Keri Hilson added her own flash in a strapless sequined cocktail dress with eye-catching prints. She keeps the rest of the ensemble simple with black satin platform pumps and minimal jewelry, and opts instead to make a statement with a short, two-tone hairstyle. Something about the dress is interesting, but the ‘do just isn’t flattering and kills the look for me. Kind of a Hmm for the normally stylish Keri…

Bomb favorite Taraji P. Henson took home the award for Best Female Actress, and wasn’t too shabby on the carpet, either, in this sexy, one-shoulder jersey gown and gorgeous diamond jewels. Her choppy cut lends the look a chic edge, and loving the bronze glow of her skin against the black–hot!


You can say one thing about Lil Mama‘s fashions: they make you pay attention. Just not in the way you want to. Me and the jumpsuit (and maybe the belt) gots no beef but I’m giving the shoes and hair the side-eye, Hmm…


The gents, however, all looked quite dapper for the most part, especially Ray J. and Tyrese, both of whom opted for elegant tailored suits. Ray J. forgoes a tie in this single-button dove gray jacket and pants, while Tyrese opts for neckwear with a pop of burgundy to set off his all-black two-piece. Great shoe choices for both gentlemen, and loving the pocket square touch Ray J. added. Hot!


I get the look Tyra Banks is going for (Country Squire with a bit of Swashbuckler thrown in for good measure). I’ve been coveting those YSL Tribtoo Pumps in gray suede for months but that’s about the only thing positive thing I’m taking away from this outfit. I don’t get it with Tyra: fabulous face and body, and there are probably tons of designers dying to dress her. So why does she seem to have so many misses on the carpet? Hmm…

Estelle was one of several who rocked a glove fashion tribute to MJ. While it was done in good spirit, I think the outfit would have worked better without it. That said, while her look is not something I’d go for, it really suits her well, and I like how her pop of color comes from her makeup rather than clothes–strategic! The chunky silver jewelry looks fab against the blue, and her newly cropped locks are adorable on her. Nicely done for the UK songstress!


Meagan Good‘s dress’ beautiful deep blue hue and silhouette are brought down by the fact that you can see her support wear through the fabric. I also think the shoes are a mite too casual for the affair, and would have liked to see her dress things up in strappy gold or bronze sandals. Great hair, though, for Ms. Good.


Like Tyra, up-and-coming fashionista Lala Vazquez also opts for YSL Tribtoo pumps, as well as a strapless lilac mini-dress with Origami-like folds. Again: cute dress that I think could have been a cute outfit with a better choice of shoe.


Finally, Amerie stunts hard in this Alexander Wang mini-shirtdress and Alexander McQueen peep-toe booties. A fab chain-link necklace and oversized cocktail ring add the perfect touches. Def hawt. Does anyone else think she looks a little like Kourtney Kardashian?
What did you guys think? Fashion aside, I’m still SMH over the “Guns is Michael Jackson” line from Ving Rhames. Hmm for real…

14 thoughts on “Hot! or Hmm…: The 2009 BET Awards”

  1. Love the fashion from all the ladies…except the denium dress and Lil Mama would have been on point if it weren’t for that crazy hair. But all the ladies and gents looked great. um…there’s a typo under Amerie’s post about the type of dress she’s wearing…

  2. Beyonce looks great (the usual), Keri Hilson -I just can’t put my finger on it Lil Mama- I’m going to keep the comment to mysel),Taraji one word FABULOUS (work it!!), Estelle- hate that denim dress… eww, Meagan-Cut dress, nice color…but what happened to the shoes? Are they from prom? Lala and Amerie look cute…too bad Amber Rose is wearing the same dress and has more shape to fill it out.

  3. Beyonce, Alicia and the buys look great. Estelle and lil mama’s looks didn’t do it for me.

  4. You’re dead on with the comments!

    I hate hate hate anything Lil Mama is in, nothing screams “Fashion” about anything she wears or does with her hair.

    Megan Good could have killed the red carpet if she wasn’t wearing those Payless inspired shoes… way to casual for this outfit.

  5. amerie and alicia get my vote and the men.. very good suits…
    tyra would have worked if her hair was at least styled..
    the others… nah.. all too hectic..

  6. Well it seems like everybody wore what they like without second thoughts. It works for some likeAlicia, Amerie and those good lookin’ gents! And for some it’s again the usual and sad fashion ”faux pas”… Hmmm…

  7. well i do not like what the dan anyones is wareing all there outfuies aer ugle to me but there body are hot so thats all that martter yes yes

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