15 thoughts on “Hot! or Hmm…: Rihanna in Hawaii”

  1. I think it *could* be cute but the hair is THROWING me. I keep thinking Prince, Prince, Prince… Hmmmm…

  2. these pictures do not show her outfit every well. i saw it on another website and its hot!

  3. love the outfit but it doesn’t look good on her. the hair looks terrible and makes her forehead look even bigger than normal. love her music but hate her as she mulipated the chris brown attack as she had people following him around and was always starting arguments about girls (for god sake he is 19 years old)and if someone had people following you around, spying on you and starting arguments over something that is not true would you not lash out, i am not saying that violence is correct but there is only so much one person can take. I know all of this as i am a family friend of chris browns family and she could possibly get him in serious trouble.

  4. has anyone thought that rih rih is styling her hair this way bc no one will touch it with a ten foot pole. Remember last summer when everyone started chopping of their hair just to emulate rihanna’s cut. well, she finally got a style that no one will try and that she knows will separate her from the consumer.

    Just a thought.

    People are like, I’m not feeling rihanna’s style now-a-days, but that what makes her style so impressive, she’s will to go will most will not.

  5. My Little Fashion Goddess strikes again!! She is always a 10 from head to toe. This should have been my daughter!

  6. Can You guys please find out wat type of vest rihanna is rockin it is definetly the highlight if the outfit.. or can u guys tell us were can we find a more affordable… I gotta have one!!!!!

  7. I love this style! The ribbed jeans is perfect, the shoes are wonderfull, the top is great. the only thing i don’t like is the jacket, it’s too straight. And you know what? I like this haircut!

  8. honestly, i am in LOVE with her hair!!! i usually dont like her style but im just in love with it naw a days!!! i love being different some people call it crazy but they just like being prim and proper and staying inside the lines. Once again IM LOVING THE STYLE KEEP IT UP!!!~!

  9. i love it, its different. I would have rocked it with a statement belt but only because i am a belt feign!

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