Kim Kardashian re-entered the world of social media with a bang!  The mother to North West made an appearance at the LA Ballet School sporting a $770 Vetements Limited Edition Zemfira Hoodie:


The oversized, bright red hoodie features the symbolic hammer and sickle on the shoulder.

kim-kardashian-la-balllet-vetements-communist-hoodieHer sweatshirt is the result of a collaboration between the Vetements brand and Russian retailer, SVMoscow.  The limited edition sweater revisits the country’s communist past by attaching the political symbol to the garment.


Our Instagram followers were appalled by her choice to wear the sweatshirt.  E.kingz exclaimed, “Wtf why is she wearing a Soviet communist sweatshirt?”  Xo_jocie expressed her concern, “That’s the Soviet Communist flag… but whatever ? I’m so scared for us.”  Our followers even questioned our judgement for posting Kim in her ensemble.  Keepingod1st wrote, “Slow news day?… nothing about this photo is fashionbomb worthy… y’all love the Kardashians ??,” and Esq_fashionista said, “So disappointed at this post ?.”


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Kim Kardashian is no stranger to controversy.  Her choice of clothing has been a hot topic throughout her career and in a sense, turned her into one of the most sought out celebrities when it comes to fashion.  She re-emerged from her almost 3 month hiatus and ruffled feathers in her statement-making hoodie.

We are living in highly sensitive times.  The world is reacting to losing an amazing president and trying to adjust to the unknown state of our country.  We are sensitive to political statements that do not align with our own.  Still, fashion is a source of expression and freedom.  It’s safe to say I won’t be purchasing Kim’s sweater because the statement does not align with my own.

But what do you think?  Was Kim pushing fashion boundaries or making a political statement?



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XOXO – Marsha B.