8 thoughts on “Hot! or Hmm: Alicia Keys at David Letterman”

  1. Definitely HOT!!! The crisp white coat is gorgeous. And the classes are a little quirky which I think is cute. But her overall look is classy…

  2. I love the jacket but LOSE THE GLASSES. I think this is one of the lamest trends happening right now. And it is definitely ten times more offensive on a gorgeous woman.

  3. As someone who wears glasses, there’s nothing “offensive” about being able to see clearly. What isn’t stylish is walking around half-blind because you think you’re too cute to wear your corrective lenses. And who wants to stick contacts in their eyes? Glasses all the way, and why hide them? The bolder the frame the better.

  4. luv it all……alicia has stepped her game up from “songs in a minor”…but hey, she was a minor…lololol…..luvn da contrast her jacket plays on w/ the black leggings and top….


  5. If I had to choose I’d sad Hmm. Not necessarily because the clothing isn’t hot, I just think Alicia is beautiful and this may not be the best look for her. I also think it’s weird to just mysteriously show up looking like you need prescription glasses(stick to sunglasses for a new look).

  6. This isn’t even a question – all the way HOT…and can we look up that coat as a Mail Bomb because it’s so fierce!

  7. Actually, Briana, I find your comments highly offensive.Glasses may be a lame trend to you but they are absolutely necessary for some, including me. And since I have to wear them– I am not comfortable with sticking pieces of plastic in my eyes, and I drive every day, so I have to be able to see, or else I’d risk hurting myself and others– I might as well have fun with them. I’m glad that celebrities are wearing them now. It’s not like we’re in 3rd grade and glasses make you uncool. Grow up. So I’m gonna have to agree with “just another opinion.” Alicia’s look is HOT.

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