Stuff Fly People Like has scans of new advertisements for Sean Jean Junior and Baby Phat:


A few questions/observations:

*Why do I suddenly feel old?

*Doesn’t Christian look just like his Dad? Did he inherit the same Diddy swagger?

*Can you imagine these kids at 21? They’re going to change the whole face of the ‘socialite’ scene (move over Genevieve Jones!)

*Is there any chance at all they’ll emerge as philanthropists or bookworms instead of spoiled party boys and girls?

*Don’t you think they’re already poised to have their own reality shows?

Wait, what am I saying? The girls already have a reality show:

7 thoughts on “Hip Hop’s Next Generation in New Advertisements: Christian Combs + Aoki & Ming Lee”

  1. You already know they’re gonna date at some point! LOL Too cute. And Diddy’s son looks like he came out of his FATHER’s womb. Good lawd.

  2. They’re all so cute, but lets face it THEY WILL GROW UP TO BE PISSY BRATS AND PAINS IN THE ASS.

  3. Sun.Kissed, not necessarily, they seem like nice kids. Yes, they are spoiled but they still seem well behaved. And look @ Christian or mini-Diddy!

  4. I’m worried. They all seem well behaved now, but give them a black card and a ferrari and THEN let’s see how they act. :)

  5. i think its unfortunate that christian looks like his father, and that’s all i’m going to say about that. ming and aoki are 20 kinds of adorable though.

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