Last night, Maryland based brand Hanifa introduced the future of fashion:  a 3D virtual fashion runway.

Fashion designer/creative director Anifa Mvuemba unleashed her Pink Label Congo Virtual collection in the middle of Quarantine as a way to blaze a trail for contemporary fashion while also spreading awareness about illegal mining of the mineral Coltan in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Not familiar with Coltan? It’s a mineral found in electronics such as smartphones and laptop–electronics that we use on a everyday basis. 60-70% of this essential mineral is found in the Congo. Last night, Mvuemba shined a light on the forced labor, abuse of women and children, and extortion linked to Coltan mining. Through #PinkLabelCongo, Hanifa sought to enlighten, contribute, and ultimately empower those working under adverse conditions through fashion. 

While most of the pieces were signature Hanifa fare: fantastically constructed bodycon dress and jumpsuits, pleated dresses, and ruched separates in a subdued color palette of white and blue, Mvuemba also incorporated colors of the Congo flag: red, which symbolizes pain, blue, which illustrates peace, and yellow, which stands for hope.

As we continue to contemplate the future of fashion in the age of Covid-19, Hanifa has provided a glimpse with an innovative show with a purpose.

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