Anifa Mvuemba is no new-comer to the worlds fashion and technology! The first time we got to witness her designer label Hanifa in full action combining both spheres was back in 2020 in a virtual showcase that set the standards for metaverse fashion presentations. This summer, Hanifa has made a timely comeback to the digital fashion scene with yet another collection inviting you to be playful with color and cutthroat in silhouettes.

With nearly 30 looks of glamorous details, dramatic movement and bodacious shapes, ‘Live Out Loud’ captures the essence of everything we loved from yesterday with a fresh, contemporary take. This collection feels like the 90s. It feels like Y2K. Yet, admirably, the lineup offers something new to the eye of the beholder.

As a ready-to-wear release, this collection has it all! From gowns to mini skirts and dresses, bra-tops, cargo pants, wide-leg pants, lounge wear and have even returned staple fan favorites in new colorways. A whole array of sizing to fit all body types awaits shoppers of the collection. This speaks to the trajectory of the brand over such a short amount of time and how well they’ve catered to the Hanifa woman.

The digital fashion show aired live on YouTube on June 21st and the collection was made available for sale and pre-order right after. It was then followed by a live shopping event and Q&A the very next day. While Hanifa is known for their impressive online showcases, this was the first time the brand introduce an interactive component to the virtual experience! We applaud Hanifa for the constant and consistent innovation in efforts to push the envelope of fashion tech.

There is no denying it; this is the collection of the summer! While truthfully we love every look, here are some that live rent-free on our conscious:

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All Images: Courtesy of Hanifa