Want glowy glazing summer skin like Hailey Bieber? Then add Rhode’s new “Glazing Milk” Essence to your skin care summer regimen. 

Just in time for the summer, Hailey Bieber keeps the glazing era alive with her new skin care product launch. Rhode’s “Glazing Milk” Essence is the missing step in your skincare routine that you didn’t know you needed and what your skincare routine needs and deserves.

This lightweight “Glazing Milk” Essence is designed to be the first step in your routine, helping to minimize redness, improve your skin’s barrier function and deeply moisturize your skin.

Rhode’s “Glazing Milk” has a creamy, milky texture that can help repair the skin’s barrier, leaving it cushiony soft and supple. It includes skin-loving ingredients such as ceramides, beta-glucan, a magnesium, zinc and copper blend and a hyaluronic acid complex.

Currently sold out and set to restock on June 29th at 9am PST, Rhode’s “Glazing Milk” Essence retails for $29 and is up for grabs on the brand’s website.

Would you splurge?