The standard of beauty has come along way from traditional guidelines and the same thing goes for hair trends. From neon green to powdered green, check out how differently these ladies are rocking this hair trend.

Sza rocked waist length, bone straight lime green hair with a middle part.

Mary J Blige’s green hair was subtle with green highlights.

Cardi B rocked a coral green asymmetrical bob with a side part.

Katy Perry’s neon green pixie cut with dark roots was definitely an eye catcher.

Nicki Minaj who is known for colorful hair also rocked neon green hair. She wore a asymmetrical bob with a side part.

Kim Kardashian rocked powdered green hair with dark roots.

Kelis rocked her green with shades of blue and aqua.

Keyshia Cole wore two emerald green pigtails

Rico Nasty also chose an emerald green color with matching eyebrows and full bang.

Lil Kim who has been wearing colorful hair since the 90’s rocked a lime green pixie cut.

The enviously bomb hue looks good on any shade, but would you rock it? Let us know.