*Ruth La Ferla of the NY Times wrote yesterday about the great fashions in Gossip Girl...
…I personally don’t watch it (my bad!), but I sense a little style pilfering. Does anyone else see a subtle similarity to famous fashion hit of the 90’s….
Ruth la Ferla says, “The show has given an unexpected mass appeal to patrician staples like crested blazers, layered polo shirts and kilts. When cooler days approach this fall, some retailers are predicting a run on argyle sweaters, knee socks and high boots.
Hmmm, argyle and knee socks???
As Cher said to Amber, “Was that you going through my laundry??” [NYTimes]
*Have you heard of Jack + Bill?

They’re a new PR company, looking to represent the industry’s next style stars. They’re having an open casting call for potential clients from July 15th-16th in Sandbox Studios (250 Hudson Street, 11th Floor) in NYC…
They’ll select one model, women’s apparel designer, jewelry designer, and fashion stylist to represent (for free!) from July right up to Fashion Week in September. What do you have to lose???
*If you’re in NYC this weekend, The Fashion Bomb is on the host committee for the “Dream” Party…
Come down to Kion Lounge at 509 East 6th Street (bet Ave A and Ave B) for fun and a great crowd! Doors open at 10pm. RSVP by going to www.thedream71208.com.
*Mariah covers the August Issue of Elle Magazine…
…looking good!
*Check out a few pictures of Toccara in Italian Vogue!:
Cute! View more here. I wonder if Tyra is kicking herself? Is Tyra even in this issue?? This and more to ponder.
*For those who e-mail everyday about Italian Vogue: it hasn’t hit my local newsstand just yet. Sorry! But scans are bubbling up all over the internet if that’s any consolation…

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  1. the styling in gossip girl and clueless are definitely similar but i don’t believe it was pilfering. the girls in gossip girl actually go to a private school and wear uniforms..guess its just the stylists way of giving some flair to otherwise unfashionable uniforms.

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