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So I’ve been super swamped and out of sorts this week between my broken computer and a packed work and social schedule. Still, I found time to answer just a few mail bombs…


Let’s get it!
First up, reader Ms. B says, “I LOVE this belt from the D&G Collection…”

“…but the price is TOOOO rich for my blood! Can you tell me if you know where I can find a designer replica of this belt or something that is similar? I really love the idea of the metal chastity influence of this piece.”
Hey, so Elita found that the D&G Belt retails for $3,100 online…no matter it’s sold out. If you want something similar in a similar metal finish, and have a bit to spend, you can go with this Fendi Perforated Cummerbund Belt

…for $430 at www.net-a-porter.com.
Too much? You can get that mirrored silver look with this Double Buckle Waist Belt

…for $160 at Bloomingdales.
Still too much? I think this Linea Pelle Corset Belt works really well…

…and at $88, it’s a relative steal.
Next up reader Melody (among others) said, “I was wondering if you can find where one could get this cute top…”

“…that Alicia rocked recently at 106.”
I searched and searched, and the closest approximation I could find was this Diane Von Furstenberg Graciela Wrap top…

…available for $245 at shopbop.com
If you want the same sort of look, but don’t care much about color, this KLS Buttoned Turtleneck with Keyhole comes close…
…and is a bit more affordable at $165.
Update! Reader Bianca found that A. Keys is wearing this $425 Mischen Deco T-Back Charmeuse Blouse

…BACKWARDS! Check out the alternate view in gray here:

To get the emerald version, visit intermixonline.com…sneaky, sneaky!

Next up, Jenni from New Orleans says, “Can you find this cute outfit Gabrielle Union was rocking (don’t forget the bag)…..”
“…I’m a teacher so I will need the cheaper version.”
No Problem!
Pair this $9 Lace Halter from Forever 21

With these affordable skinny jeans like these $68 Black Dazed & Confused Jeans from Urban Outfitters

Slip on a pair of bronze sandals, like these $68 Sea Horse’s by Max Studio

If you want to splurge, go for it with this Babee D Canvas Touch bag for $382…

If not, Spiegel always has affordable lookalikes…

This one captures the essence and is only $54!
Lastly, reader De’Nae says,
“I know these pants may be a big fashion faux paus, but do you have any idea where I can get these pants worn by Alicia Keys at the VMAs?”
“… I LOVE the slight sheen in the stretchy looking pant and I’ve looked EVERYWHERE and can’t find them. I’ve Googled, “Satin Pants” and you wouldn’t believe how many genie and Hammer pants that came up!!”
Hey there. They are a bit of a fashion faux pas, but if you can rock ’em with confidence, I’m not mad at ya!

I did a quick search and found that these Cheap Monday Satin Skinny Pants

…fit the bill. Get ’em for only $65 at www.barneys.com.
That does it for today….
PS Reader Ms. Dee alerted me this cool trick on Tyra Banks’ site. If you like any of her or her guests outfits on her talk show, you can click here to find out what they’re wearing. Very cool!
PSS Have great weekends!
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  1. The Gabby Union jeans are KLS so maybe Baby Phat has them or a similiar cut out right now.

  2. OMG! I love the Forever 21 lace halter. It is really cute! (if only i had skinnier arms)

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