Prices of luxe clothing seem to be growing at an astronomical price, but it seems our favorite celeb Bombers and Bombshells have no issue shelling out the coins to stand out from the crowd!
YSL’s $10,000 crystal boots, spied on Cardi B, Rihanna, Céline Dion, Blac Chyna, Keyshia Kaoir, and more, are just the tip of the super spending iceberg!

Gucci Mane recently posted on the ‘Gram, rocking a $30,000 Balmain jacket from the brand’s Fall 2017 runway collection.

While $30,000 on a jacket is admirable, Tommie from Love & Hip Hop outdid Mr. Mane, posing in YSL’s $40,000 crystal embellished cable knit sweater.

Alright! I can’t wait to see what’s next. Enjoy, folks!
What do you think? If you could, would you splurge?