Major networks, NBC and ABC, come under fire for refusing to air Lane Bryant’s ‘This Body’ ad on television. The ad features plus size models Tara Lynn, Denise Bidot, Georgia Pratt, Precious Lee and Ashley Graham, the recent cover girl for the Sports Illustrated Swim 2016 issue.

Lane Bryant has made it their mission to empower plus size women.  The commercial features women who confidently affirm what their bodies are made for.  This body is made for:  “turning heads,” “proving them wrong,” “love,” “rocking denim,” “style,” “living,” “getting it on,” “breaking the mold,” “starting a revolution.



A spokesperson for Lane Bryant states that both networks, “rejected the spot as is.” NBC said it would need minor edits to meet “broadcast indecency guidelines. ” While Lane Bryant did not disclose what the edits were, they confirmed that there are no plans to edit and resubmit to the networks.  The commercial will be promoted on their social media outlets and on channels that feel the ad does not violate their indecency guidelines.

ABC had no comment on the controversy but NBC denies the claims.  “As part of the normal advertising standards process, we reviewed a rough cut of the ad and asked for minor edits to comply with broadcast indecency guidelines. The ad was not rejected and we welcome the updated creative.”


Lane Bryant is commendable for taking a stand for the everyday woman.  The plus size community has been under represented until recent years.  Campaigns like ‘I’m no Angel,’ and ‘This Body,’ promote a positive body image and gives a realistic view of what today’s woman looks like.  What do you think?  Should ABC and NBC air Lane Bryant’s commercial?
Do you think they would be so resistant to ‘straight’ size women?


XOXO – Marsha B.