No matter how big of a fashionista we are, all of us are susceptible to making fashion mistakes at some point in time. These can be small yet common mistakes like spending too much on an outfit, or something major like wearing an evening gown to an informal get together.


While some of these mistakes can be forgiven, some often get etched into people’s memories for a lifetime. This is why it is important to be careful.


Although fashion is subjective and largely depends on personal opinion, universal style evolves through the ages and follows certain rules and key pointers that are not bound to a particular time.


If you’re new to fashion, this article can certainly be of help as we have compiled a list of fashion mistakes you must avoid to stay cool.


You’re Sticking to Old Fashion Trends

The most important aspect of fashion is that it is ever changing. Hence, don’t stick to one particular style and try to stay ahead in the game by saying in fashion and following the latest trends.


Switch it up. Experiment with you looks and try new things.


Do Not Wear the Same Colors

This one is an oldie. But still stands just as true. Always go for contrast to stand out.

You can try to build a monochromatic look by choosing a different shade of the same color. Mix and match different tones of the same color family to have a good appearance and never wear the same color from head to toe.


You’re Not Dressed According To the Weather

Although fashion is flexible and can be changed to suit personal preference, avoid wearing extra dark colors in the summer and light colors in the winter.


Choose light breezy cooler tones like sky blue and baby pink for the hotter months and dark, deep, warm tones like maroons, browns and bright emeralds for winters.


Remember Less is More

If the print of your clothes is loud and eccentric, avoid wearing any statement jewelry as it will clash. Remember that less is more.


If you wear too many accessories, you will end up looking like a Christmas tree.


Similarly, while matching lowers and tops, make sure only one is printed whilst the other is a block color.


Do not clash prints or colors too much.


Choose one focal point in the outfit and focus on that.

Wear Clothes That Fit you

This one may be a little debatable. But try dressing for your body. If petite, try to go for elongated looks such as overalls or harem pants with heels. Whilst if you’re tall, opt for flat shoes and culottes.


Similarly, if you’re on the thicker side, avoid choosing baggy shirts and loose pants/lowers. Instead, choose one body part to accentuate,  such as the hips or waist or chest, and build around that.


Try working with problem areas with folds and minor frills and opting for darker and bolder colors instead of light colors.


If you are on the skinnier side, avoid extremely fitted dresses and tops and instead go for slightly loose outfits that add a bit of body to your appearance.


Also choose thicker/sturdier material for shirts and tops.


For extra flair around hips and chest, choose ruffled shirts or embroidered embossments that add volume to the look.


Always try it on before you buy it. In case you’re shopping online, pick a store that accepts returns so that you do not have to go through any trouble.


You’re Not Doing Your Makeup Properly

This is a very common fashion mistake. Even Angelina Jolie has been a victim of bad makeup.


There are so many things you have to keep in mind. Avoid makeup that melts and make sure to choose the right foundation, according to your skin type.


Other than this, your eyes and lips should compliment each other.  


Focus on one area. If you are going for darker/smokey eyes, then choose neutral lips.

If you want to go for bolder lips such as red or coral, choose light shadows for eyes.


Also, wear makeup according to your outfit, weather and venue so that you do not end up looking too loud or too dull.


Don’t Do Desperation Shopping

Avoid shopping at the last moment and make sure to buy all that you need at least two weeks in advance.


This will give you enough time to shop around. Shopping at the last minute does not only lead to poor choices but often causes you to waste money. So be a smart shopper and prepare in advance.


Pay Attention to All Body Parts and Not Just the Face

This is a common fashion mistake. A lot of us work so much on the face, but neglect other body parts that are equally important if not more.


For example, make sure to keep your neck clean. You can wear a nice name necklace to make your neck stand out. This can be your style statement while also enhancing your overall look.


Other than this, have attractive nails. Go for pedicure and manicure to keep your hands and feet attractive.


Pick The Right Accessory

Accessories are very important, especially shoes, and handbags. These are a must for every outfit so make sure to keep a nice collection of shoes and bags.


Other accessories include watches, sunglasses, bangles etc.


Don’t Buy Something Just Because It Is Cheap

This is something we all have done at some point in our life. Items on sale are attractive, but only buy it if you really need it. Why fill your wardrobe with something you might never wear?