Ah..back in New York, back on the grind!
I was able to indulge in a bit of mag reading on the plane, and came across a very cool item in this month’s Elle Magazine.

Lili Tan reports that for the second time, Bono’s One Campaign-Edun Project is releasing limited edition t-shirts, whose sales with help fight poverty and bring trade to Africa.

Last year, Bono’s one T-shirts helped raise $276,000, which went towards providing medical care and education to the people of Lesotho, an African country where almost 1/3 of the population is infected by AIDS.

This year, ten dollars from each shirt goes to Apparel Lesotho for Africa, which provides antiretroviral drugs to factory workers and their families. Elle says, “It allows the same people who make the tees to reap trade and medical benefits.”
Plenty of stars are involved in promoting the Campaign, including Kerry Washington…

Rashida Jones…

..and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Want one of your own? Visit www.one.org for info on the cause and to get your $40 shirt.
I’m getting one…

2 thoughts on “Fashion for a Cause: One Campaign Edun Project”

  1. hate to be a kill joy, but these type of efforts give people who just care about looking good an excuse to feel like they are doing something.

    as a fashionista who’s also an activist, i have to say that that money could be better spent actually helping a homeless person on the street eat. the drugs they give africans through these efforts don’t always reach the right people and some people can’t even take the drugs because they can’t afford the food required to take them with or the hunger they’ll feel after eating.

    this is just to add some perspective. to me, commodifying the image of africa is further enslaving and colonizing that continent. africa does not own herself. and if bono and his wife (who helped make the t-shirt thing happen) think as white people they can save africa, they’re more delusional than a designer who puts anna wintour on the last row of their show.

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