Fashion Bomber Antion Matisse wrote the FBD team an e-mail typing, “I’m writing you as a concerned subscriber and as an individual. My great concern is in the area of transgender women and LGBTQ that have been featured on your blog as well as your blog’s Instagram.”
“… Whenever I see post of the great Laverne Cox or Caitlyn Jenner, or Amaya Scott, there is a massive amount of transphobia and transphobic language in the comment section. As a proud member of the LGBTQ community I find it completely and utterly offensive as well as rude that these comments aren’t being reported or that something isn’t being said in regards to the blatant negativity when it comes to transgender men and specifically transgender women.”

Caitlyn Jenner flaunted legs for days upon leaving the Patricia Field store in SoHo NYC
“…It’s shocking to see the level of disrespect and it truly saddens me. I love what you as well as your blog stands for and its a shame to see hatful comments from the people who frequent your again stunning, creatively diversified fashion blog that caters to people of color.”
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Thank you for your thoughts, Antione. Fashion Bomb Daily is a place where all fashion enthusiasts and all people can feel as if they have a home. We value diversity whether it pertains to race, body shape, gender, or sexual preference.
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Regarding internet trolls…sadly, we can’t control them. I like to think that we’re welcoming in that way as well. We don’t generally censor comments, and like to have an open forum for discussion where people can feel free to express themselves. That said, some comments are inexcusable. So, moving forward, we will make it a point to police overtly cruel, insensitive, or hateful comments.
Mean Comments
Regardless of the trolls, the FBD mission has always been and will continue to be to highlight the beauty of all people from all walks of life.
Hope you’ll continue to walk with us.
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