We have twin Bombshells today! Take a look at Charmaine and Brittany Goodwin from Los Angeles, California:
Charmaine and Brittany Los Angeles
They say, “We are twin sisters who define our beauty by our unique styles.”
0 Charmaine and Brittany Los Angeles
” Fashion has always been a way for us to express ourselves.”

3 Charmaine and Brittany Los Angeles
“Our style is a mixture of bit of everything, Edgy, vintage, classic, girly, and modern. We like to think of our ourselves as style chameleons like Rihanna.”

7 Charmaine and Brittany Los Angeles

” We even started a fashion YouTube channel as a way to be creative and showcase our style. As we were growing up, we became inspired by fashion magazines, blogs, and even YouTubers.”

8888 Charmaine and Brittany Los Angeles
” It was not until our early 20’s that we started to take care of another aspect of ourselves, our hair.”

89 Charmaine and Brittany Los Angeles
” Our decision to go natural was a major milestone in our lives and has contributed to the full embrace of our natural beauty and heritage.”

9898 Charmaine and Brittany Los Angeles
Alright! Your fall perfect looks are fabulous.
Check out their Youtube Channel at Youtube.com/creativecomplexity4 on Instagram @creativecomplexity and their Tumblr here.
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