The weather’s been picking up here in D.C. and all I want to do is go out and play like the big kid I am! While I can’t do that, I can get some Spring inspiration from our fabulous Bombshell submissions, including today’s Bombshell, Sade from New York City:Sade-from-New-York-City-Bombshell-3
She told us, “My name is Sade Spence and I reside in New York City.” Sade-from-New-York-City-Bombshell-6
“I’d love the opportunity to showcase my style on Fashion Bomb Daily.” Sade-from-New-York-City-Bombshell-2
“My style is my walking mood board.” Sade-from-New-York-City-Bombshell-1
“It expresses exactly how I’m feeling. The underlying mantra of my wardrobe is minimalism in a boho or monochrome and often genderless aesthetic.” Sade-from-New-York-City-Bombshell-4
“I shop in the men’s section from time to time :)”Sade-from-New-York-City-Bombshell-8
“Thank you for your time and consideration!”Sade-from-New-York-City-Bombshell-7

Okay Sade! I love your looks; they all have this polish about them. My favorite though is that grey/baby-blue (my eyes are crazy) outfit and your all white ensemble! Let’s stay up to date on Instagram: @SadeASpence. What do you guys think of Sade’s style?


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