Atlanta definitely has some of the most fashionable women in the country; today’s bombshell is ATL native, Sade!


Sade is a pro at dressing for her body shape, “I pretty much have mastered styling this curvy frame. I would consider my style simple yet chic, and sometimes bold!”


“I like to express myself through my clothing. I tend to go from conservative, to daring and sometimes risky looks.”


“An outfit can be plain, but add a couple of key pieces and that gives it a whole new look.”


“Most importantly I have to be comfortable in anything I wear.”


“I mean who wants to be in these streets checking ya fit every 10-15 minutes cause you was unsure of it when you left the house not me!!”


Sade is more than a fashionista, she’s a fashion designer, her pre-fall collection features the bomb dress pictured above. The Olivia dress can be found here! For more on this lovely lady, head over to her Instagram, @FolaSadeClothing!

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