You’re gonna love today’s Bombshell. Check out Larissa from Amsterdam, the Netherlands:
She types, “I’m Larissa Bruin, a blogger from Holland.”

0 Larissa from the Netherlands
” On I share my outfits almost daily.”
1 Larissa from the Netherlands
” I would describe my style as Urban Chique.”

2 Larissa from the Netherlands

” It’s feminine…”
9 Larissa from the Netherlands
“… with an edgy touch…”
8 Larissa from the Netherlands
“… and a sassy twist.”

3 Larissa from the Netherlands
” Nowadays I often go for high waisted bottoms, with crop tops.”

4 Larissa from the Netherlands

” I always love to wear high heels…”
6 Larissa from the Netherlands
“… to underline my outfits.”

7 Larissa from the Netherlands
You’re super stylish and beautiful to boot. Boom! You’re a Bombshell.
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56 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Larissa from the Netherlands”

  1. Her body is so on-point! She pulled off the jersey look really well, and the floral crop top and matching mini, so hot.

  2. Epitome of cool. Awesome body! Some of the outfits were a miss for me personally but she wore them well. Bombshell!

  3. She rocks the urban look without looking sloppy, I love it all. Heading to her blog now!

  4. I love her style, but GIRRRRRRL please burn that FUBU jersey…IMMEDIATELY!!!

  5. We may have another bombshell of the year candidate just like yesterday’s bombshell…. This is the true definition of urban chic !! She isn’t trying to hard and she isn’t over accessorized. I like her alot!!! Oh how I love that I haven’t seen leggings two days in a row. Keep em coming Claire !!

  6. Is that a FUBU jersey?? I think i had that one circa 1999.. I’m good on that but other than that her style is impeccable

  7. i have a feeling she could wear a trashbag and still look hot!! Her body is incredible it takes her looks to another level. overall ok style.

  8. Am I missing something – how does one know that her jersey is a FUBU jersey?

  9. She gets it. She understands it. She owns it. She lives it. And I LOVE IT!

    Gorgeous, Polished, Stylish, Sexy, Chic, Flirty, Sophisticated, Fresh, and honey you are Beautiful!

  10. Love it!!!! Someone please tell that NY stylist chick that this is how urban chic is done. Boom…Bombshell!

  11. don’t love it but it works for her bc she’s pretty and is lean and has awesome hair. her handbag game is terrible.

  12. finally claire is bringing what we like!!!! more of these please
    i still cant get over the other week w the bathroom photos lmao!

  13. NOW THIS IS A BOMBSHELL! clean, trendy, refined, and made some looks her own. Skin on point,hair on point! It seems super effortless! the chick from yesterday can’t even stand next to her! FIRST BOMBSHELL OF THE WEEK!

  14. I think she’s really, really adorable, but after looking at the outfits, where is the inspiration? She looks JUST like everyone else stylewise. I would have loved to see her true style shine through. It just seemed really trendy and basic.

  15. she is beautiful! but everything looks like something rhi rhi has done…nothing new

  16. Light skin and long hair goes a long way in being voted a bombshell by the readers. Smh. Another Rihanna copy cat. Not feeling it. Snooze.

  17. Not my style, but she’s certainly do her thing. She gets a bomb status simply because she seems….free.

    @Anon 9:16PM

    What does her skin tone and hair have to do with anything? Don’t push your own insecurities on other people.

  18. some of this is wrinkled, some of it doesn’t really match, and in almost every picture…

    The world’s most elegant woman, Coco Chanel, was said to have advised the following when dressing with accessories:

    “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

  19. i think you have a great style and you are beautiful. the only outfit i wasn’t crazy about was the football jersey dress and that’s only because it looked like a carbon copy of something i’ve seen rihanna wear. the rest of your outfits had more of a personal point of view which i appreciate.

  20. shes a gorgeous girl..but it seems like “pretty” girls get voted bombshells for looks that wouldnt fly on the less attractive lol

    are we judging fashion/style or beauty??

    just an observation.

  21. Bombshell of the Freaking YEAR!! Yes, I said it!

    You did that! LOVE IT! The various looks for your hair, makeup, great body, clothes….YES!!


    And I say this as an NYC chick, okay??

  22. @ Anon 9:16, please gahead on with that mess! I voted Zona from SA bombshell and she’s far from lightskinned with long hair.

    Hell, the brownskinned Phili fashion blogger got all these accolades and bombshell love for what I consider to be a mediocre style with a horrible her wig game, but yet she got “Bombshell of the Year” comments.

    So, please dead the lightskinneded folks get better love.

  23. Yes, of course a beautiful, exotic looking girl would blow out the BOMBSHELLS for the year! No shade, but this chick was hot with the outfits, her waist is snatched and her curls are flowing. I think there is a standard of beauty that we gravitate toward giving her such high marks.

  24. I wish ASOS still had those suede booties for sale!!ive been looking all over foe those! So hot…

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