Paris Fashion Week has been crazy, but I always find time for our fabulous Bombshells;)
Today New Yorker Careen nominated her stylish friend Kiera:


She says, “She’s probably too shy to do this on her own, but my friend Kiera has the best accessories and a love affair with shoes.”


” …I always ask her to go shopping with me…she has the best eye for things and putting an outfit together.”


“She also has a fabulous blog www.femmeroyale.blogspot.com.”


“Hopefully you love her style as much as I do!”

Loving the sequins, naturally, and Kiera’s hot choice of exotic and bold prints. Lovely.

What do you guys think?

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47 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day : Kiera from Brooklyn”

  1. I know Kierah since high school … she does have style and she carries herself very well….

  2. Loves it! She looks great! She knows how to dress her body type and look sexy without being revealing. Kudos! Loving those white platform pumps by the way…

  3. I love her style! She is sexy and confident and best of all plus sized! Based on her style I think she would be a great stylist! Love that she knows what works for her

  4. Awww she betta work ! I read your site all the time its great you featured a fabulous thick girl she really knows how to dress her body type kudos… ask her where she got these dresses and that link ring uber fab

  5. aww you featured her shes goin to love this … she still wont give me those shoes from top shop

  6. Chic love how she pairs and compliments things I agree with Godiva she would be a great stylist if she isnt one already. would love to see more plus sized posts :)

  7. Love her contrast of colors and the make up is subtle yet nice, im going to check out her blog, you should get her to do some more plus sized posts for you. I need her help!

  8. shes repping for the big girls she has a really nice shape she should consider plus size modeling

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