Welcome back FBD family! Today, I wanted to go international and show off Fashion Bombshell of the day, Joy from London:

Joy-from-London-Bombshell-9She says, “My name is Joy and I’m from London.”

Joy-from-London-Bombshell-8My style is definitely based on my mood.”


Joy-from-London-Bombshell-1 I can go from super girly…”

Joy-from-London-Bombshell-2“…to ‘tom boy chic’ instantly.”

Joy-from-London-Bombshell-3 love looking dressed up but not as if I’ve tried.”

Joy-from-London-Bombshell-4 “Living in London also has some influence on my style because you never know what the weather is going to be like so you dress for all seasons.”

Joy-from-London-Bombshell-5 “When I’m stumped on what to wear, social media is always helpful.”

Joy-from-London-Bombshell-6“I absolutely love Instagram for style inspiration.”

Joy-from-London-Bombshell-7“You can find me blogging about all things that bring me joy on http://www.joytotheworldblog.com



Awesome Joy! I loved your varied clothing options, but I definitely liked the yellow dress, your all-black ensemble and your parka/heels outfit. Check out her IG:@Joyfuljoyous1. You guys let me know, what do you think of Joy’s style?



What do you think of Joy from London?

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