Today we’re bringing you a bit of Chitown flavor with Bombshell, Aspyn:

She says, “I’m 21 and a journalism student living in Chicago, Illinois.”

” My style is a mix-up of everything.”

” From girly to rocker to bohemian, and everything in between.”

” I don’t like sticking to one style. Versatility is extremely important to me.”

” I think people should just wear what they want regardless of how people will perceive them.”

” Stop giving a damn what people think!”

” I post most of my looks, thoughts on fashion, music, and life on my blog,”

Ha, love that blog name! You embrace the casual chic vibe, I see. I love your printed shawl.
What do you think of Aspyn’s looks?

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and 6-8 picture(s) to th************@gm***.com. Images submitted may be featured on Facebook or Twitter. Comments can be harsh, so bring your A game!

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105 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Aspyn from Chicago”

  1. As Ray J’s mother would say it “No…No…No”. Don’t let me go on those wigs.

    Seriously- While I give kudos to everyone that submits, its not working. There is no direction…

  3. I went to HS with her. Her style was always weird. I believe she needs to take some style suggestions from you Claire.

  4. She actually had a few (keyword few) decent looks at her blog but she still needs work. Nothing falls naturally on her.

  5. I get the look she is trying to go for (I quite dig that look), but it’s executed poorly… I think she has some cool pieces (black patent docs, the rainbow top), but she needs to go back to the drawing board and freshen them up. I’m am not opposed to piercings, and have rocked a few in odd places in my day, but I detest that herpes lip ring. *shutters*

  6. Eehhhh O_O ….. uuuhhhhh o_O ……..hmmmm >_< ……….Naw….not a good look…….thats all I can say *shrugs*

  7. How does she manage to get negative comments but Azaelia Banks and Rihanna are hot? Some of her outfits are replicas of styling from Nasty Gal a site that thousands of girls nationwide shop. There’s nothing wrong with her style. She pulls off the ‘grunge chic’ look very well. I get that many people that visit this site have a style skewed more to high fashion but which is fine but don’t knock her style for being different from yours. Her looks are definitely cohesive and I like that she has an unmistakable style.

  8. @Anonymous;
    Ms Banks an Riri run around looking rather crackheadish as times themselves. But they tend to clean up nicely…so this is hard to gage. I don’t mean to sound negative but uh Aspyn should give a Da@m$. You appear to be too pretty of a young lady to have such a hard look about yourself. But you’re young and still finding yourself….good luck.

  9. First; smile. At least try to look like you aren’t about to shank us. Second; start from scratch with the wardrobe. It’s just all bad.

  10. I cans see some 90s influence and a small part of her reminds me of azealia (sp) Banks for some reason….Love the the aztec print poncho/coat in the first pic!

  11. @Mi manning Chicagoans are neither country nor are we bumpkins.

    As far as the poster, it looks like she indeed DOES NOT give a __________. I need for her to care about how she looks and is perceived. The sequined skirt is cute

  12. It’s okay…young for me, but she is a young woman and I appreciate her attempt.

    I would wear the bustier and flaired skirt, but for me I would rock a nice pair of stilettos – strappy or pumps.

  13. @Mi manning Sit the F*** Down! A Chicagoan changed the fashion game! Hip hop/rap is now fashionable because of him. You DO know Kanye West don’t you? Chicago is very fashionable. This young lady is NOT from here. It clearly states she’s a student living in Chicago, we have world class universities.

    On to this bomb, I have nothing nice to say so…….

  14. uhm…what fashion game has Kanye West changed? If Kim is indication–I prefer he not change a thing. He didn’t dress Amber much better either. He forces fashion and Kim never looks effortless.

    Back to this girl..not my style but I understand this style. I wish it was better executed.

  15. @Mi you obviously never been to Chicago. Chicago is far from country and chicagoans are not bumpkins. Smh at your ignorance poor you. But about this “fashion bomb” She clearly hasn’t been in Chicago long enough… but with time maybe we can turn this fiasco into something fabulous.

  16. @ Fab from Wait Kanye west has style he may not dress kim too well but he is definetly one of the best dressed men in the rap game.

  17. @Anonymous, I def understand what you’re saying about Rih and Banks and how others praise them for their looks, but trash this bomber. BUT, I will say that I for one am not fond of Rih’s latest looks, nor Banks. You can throw Rita Ora in there too. With that said, I don’t really like this bomber’s style either. But hey, do you.


  18. First of all, I love your name and may have to steal it for my firstborn! Anyway, I see what she is trying to do, she is alllllllllllllmost there…pick one statement piece that you like and work around it, but I feel the 90s all up and thru some of those ‘fits..keep smiling Aspyn you are on your way!
    PS let some of those wigs go honey!!!

  19. I personally don’t care for it but I can see this being cute when I was her age (and I mean that in the least condescending way possible).

  20. Yeah, I was born in the Chi and went back for 5 years and attended college there. It’s neither country nor bumpkin, lol. Girls went to class turning it out everyday. I feel that she’s trying too hard. Even though the looks are eclectic it should still look effortless. Like second nature. On her it doesn’t, on someone like RiRi it does. I encourage her to keep exploring and experimenting and turn a deaf ear (or blind eye) to the mean spirited commentors.

  21. Im just saying….When BAD WIG’S happpen to GOOD PEOPLE…I think those wigs doesnt help her look at all…

    Somebody commented that her look is a cross between Rihanna and Banks,etc..I think thats aTRUE statement! but them wigs…killed it and she need just a lil fine tuning of some of the looks!

  22. Her looks are ok. She definitely looks like she attends Columbia College.

    @Mi Manning, There may be people from the country here, but Chicago is definitely not country. Ever heard of the Magnificent Mile where there is world class luxury shopping and dining? You might want to check it out and people watch if you ever get a chance.

  23. Let’s be real. Chicagoans are very country. Thank the Great Migration. The definition of Chicago style is bright, loud, and flashy. Exactly what Kanye was when he came out. Just because he’s been exposed to the world and cleaned up now doesn’t not mean that reflects on the rest of the city.

  24. And the Magnificent Mile is a few city blocks of shops that you can find in every other state across America. Again, it doesn’t reflect on the rest of the city. Truth of a Californian who has lived in Chicago for 2 years. Sorry.

  25. I would have been more drawn in with just a hint of smile perhaps……..

    Naaahh, it’s still bewbew either way.

  26. It some of us don’t like a bombshells style it doesn’t mean that we’re hating. I do however think we should remember that not all if us were ALWAYS fly. We’ve all made fashion mishaps. The truly stylish are always evolving…this young lady is just that- young. She has plenty of time to learn from this style phase. In the meantime, can we go a little easier on these brave bombshells?


  28. I love the rasta colour top. I voted hits and misses, but please ladies, be a little bit kind to your sisters! Come on Childboo, ‘crackhead-ish’?? She is so brave to put her photos on this site, and all you people can say are things like that?? I’m not asking for censure, but Claire, maybe you should come in between these sad comments and spread YOUR opinion. (maybe that’ll change some girl’s minds) Aspyn, I see where you are going to with your fashion, and keep on walking on your road, not every one should walk the same road. Be yourself and next time, SMILE AND SHOW THESE GIRLS WHAT YOU’RE REALLY WORTH!

  29. @Abbie … that’s why you don’t post it up for the world to see until you’ve got it (almost) right…

  30. Claire you know how harsh people can be in these comments, why even post people who you know are going to get criticized. Don’t nobody want to read those terrible things about themselves. Claire, you should no first hand because people always talking about that Johnny Bravo built body of yours. Smh!

  31. I’m from Chicago and I’m a bit offended that this turned into where she from??? Whoever said Chicago is country… Guess what? Yo momma! lol

  32. the corset and flannel shirt are not “grunge enough” for the look. i get it, but it looks like she doesn’t have the time to see every look through. a bustier that is not meant as an undergarment, and a thrifted, less neat-looking flannel would do the trick. she is very azealia-like, but i don’t think azealia looks clean. invest in good haircare- it can be a wig- but can it not look like one? i think your 3 best options for improvement, aspyn, are:
    1. better wigs. maybe a weave or half wig
    2. smile, girl!
    3. don’t just throw on pieces that “look” like the look you’re going for, but aren’t. shop less, invest more.

    Good luck! U still seem like a cutie though :) and i love the Docs, inspiring me to get some for fall

  33. @mimi I don’t know you’re talking about but I moved from LA (born and raised) to Chicago and it’s nothing country here at all! I love it here! I live down the street from the Magnificent Mile and it’s a daily struggle not to shop every day. Lol. and Kanye West style when he first came out did not represent chicago at all that was just ghetto. But I would consider bright loud and flashy to be cali style I love my hometown but noooo. But about missy here I see what look she was going for but it didn’t really go to well. =/ she has a few nice pieces though.

  34. dead @ monique’s comment!!! you didn’t have to come for claire like that!! lolol…

    but i do understand what monique is saying, it’s like some of the fashiombombers are being thrown to the wolves and are being made sacrifices to the fashion gods!! volunteering this girl as tribute like this is the “fashion games” knowing full well the girls that frequent this site aren’t here for that! lolol…

    anyway, aspn (i like your name by the way), i see you and get you! it’s not my style or something that i’m drawn too but i get it, it’s very azelia banks/rita ora/rihanna/zoe kravitz/fefe dobson kind of style and i feel the bad wigs are part of that style. i thought all looks were fine except for the last one, it just kind of came out of nowhere and didn’t really fit in with the rest, in my opinion.

    anyway, keep on doing you!

    and yes, please do smile!! got us asking you to smile like we’re shug avery and you’re celie or something, “why you always covering up your smile? Show me your teeth. Show me that pretty smile”, lolol…

  35. @Monique: No you didn’t come at Claire like that! You are brave…Johnny Bravo’s body!!??!! *I died*

  36. I think she looks adorable. Like a young, fun, and edgy look. Reminds me of Santigold and the hipster chic girls in Austin, Tx.

  37. @Monique I’m sure you’re obese, which is why you’re coming for Claire. Go to the gym you fat bitch, you wish you looked like her. So busy trying to keep your weave right, smh. Let’s pray for black women, most self hating group in the universe.

  38. im sorry but this just bad. i’m a chicagoan and this is not serving us justice at all..i blame stars for influencing the “trashy” fresh out of bed hobo looks

  39. I actually liked this. Everything seems deliberate. I loved the dress with the varsity jacket and hat.

  40. DEAD @ Monique. That Johnny Bravo comment sent me to my grave. I cannot, I will not and I definitely shall not. Goodbye!!!

  41. Rotflmao!! You guys’ comments have me cracking up!! This is pure entertainment!! While I am sitting in my office going through a typhoon(Korea) I have something to keep me occupied!! Thank you all!!

  42. I chocked @monique’s comment. Not Johnny Bravo?! I usually try and come to defense of bomshell nominees. I think if she came across as more personable and not have the I-don’t-give-a-f^&k attitude it MIGHT help her cause. But I can say is she’s experimenting with some looks and will hone in on her fashion style soon.

  43. Some of y’all act like middle schoolers.

    The girl has some ok pieces but she needs to do more with them and switch up her shoe game. I think the lack of “smile” is what’s getting her ripped apart. Clearly some of y’all take it personal -_-

    @Monique a kee kee. Who are you to get on HER blog and make rude, petty comments because you don’t agree with her selection. How about you upload your picture because I’m sure you look like Halle Berry…

  44. I am at work DEAD over these comments. Seriously I am crying.

    Ya’ll already went IN on her and described her in so many ways and accurate adjectives and quotes I won’t even attempt to elaborate any further.

    However, I will say this….. Is it me, or does she look like she plays World of Warcrafts?????

  45. First off, Kanye West’s style doesn’t reflect Chicago…especially when his stylists are from NY and LA! LOL…Second, yes, I have been to Chicago, and where I was and and people I saw were VERY country bumpkinish! If I’m wrong, forgive me…but the urban looks are very wrong!!!!

  46. @ Kitana…Jay-Z changed the game for fashion
    50 Cent (wife beaters)
    Lil Kim….etc…the list can go on and on…
    everybody’s had their innovative moment…doesn’t mean a damn thing!

  47. @mi manning clearly has onlt seen one side of Chicago. this girl DOES NOT and i repeat DOES NOT represent for all of us. no offense but this looks like some northside never matching i don’t care type of style.

  48. she is trying…TRYING!!! to pull of that nasty gal and free people look but it isn’t working she just looks like she needs a serious bath! lmao @ the johnny bravo comment *peed my pants* hahahahaha

  49. I am grabbing my Chicago mix popcorn from Garret’s and watching the flames be thrown! Not from Chicago….but I’ve been a few times…as like everywhere else in this world, some people have fashion…and some people are like Aspyn…Chicago does have true style though…so it’s not an entire city that are dressed horribly…so the bumpkin comment was truly uncalled for @MI MANNING!

  50. I agree, Marthe. We should be kinder to one another and to submitters. So stop with the hating? Don’t like it? That’s okay. Just don’t use insulting words like “horrible” and especially “crackhead-ish”. I get what she was aiming for, and personally, I absolutely love her piercing. She has her own style and that’s admirable.

  51. Ignore the haters. i love your style. on top of that, i think you’re gorgeous.

    like seriously… i would date the shit out of you, if i weren’t a mentally ill douchebag.

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