Today’s lucky Bombshell is Kierra from Philly:
kierra from philadelphia
She writes, “I love fashion!”
photo 2
” I wake up thinking about it , I eat sleep and breathe fashion!”

photo 5
” I would describe my style as simple, classy, chic, sporty (at times ).”

photo 4

” I like to dress myself in different prints and a massive variety of colors ! I try to give a lot of things chances as far as shoes and clothes!”

photo 1
” Something people might think is terrible I’ll give it a chance because hey that’s what fashion is about ! Be different & daring don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone!”

photo 3
Cute girl, cute looks! Some ensembles could’ve benefitted from a simpler shoe, but overall, I say Bombshell!
What do you think?

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and 6-8 clear, unfiltered, head-to-toe pictures of 6-8 different outfits to th************@gm***.com. Images submitted will be featured on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any of our social media platforms. Comments can be harsh, so bring your A game! Please be advised: once published, pictures will not be removed or taken down.

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45 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Kierra from Philadelphia”

  1. Very cute. Her sunnies game is on point. Very refreshing and surprising from Philly ( I used to live there and the ratchets are alive and well).

  2. I’m on the fence with this one. She seems to know her aesthetic and I like some of her pieces. Her shoe game seems legitimate and her accessories are up to par. I’m going to say cute girl ok style only because I don’t have enough to go off of. I need to see more versatility. I commend her for sending in pics.

  3. I voted for bombshell. Because she looks so relaxed but yet fashionable. Also, the tomboy style is a trend now, butI think she did a good job making it look chic.

  4. Agreed! The shades r distracting! Idk wasn’t really feeling her looks! They weren’t really cohesive. Something was messing but I can’t put my finger on it

  5. Girl you LIVE for a Zara shoe huh??? lol congrats on the feature. The last look was my fav other than that nothing special.

  6. She kind of resembles Nicki Minaj with the sunnies on. Her style is “around the way” cute but basic.

  7. I disagree, I think the shoes, although common, are making most of these outfits. But those shirts with the faces on them….NO.

  8. Not inspiring, pretty girl though with ok style. I agree with the shoes being to busy for the outfits. The outfits just seem so dull to me.

  9. I like her..@ Anonymous 1:16P sounds like a personal hate, cause she’s fly.. I don’t know her but I know a hater when I see one..

  10. Cute girl! Style is nice, just nothing really different from the norm. Feelin that Philip Lim dress on the first pic! I copped that one too in target as soon as i saw it!

  11. I love me some Kierra! I follow her on Instagram and I think her style is so dope! I love how she puts bold looks together without overdoing it. Definite BOMBSHELL in my book!

  12. Somebody go the Philip Lim/TArget collab dress I see… they were all sold out when I went so congrats on the fashion steal!! I like your look. It’s YOU, so it works :)

  13. Her looks are ok. I wish she would’ve focused more attn on her hair. The pics show the quality. Pretty girl though.

  14. I must say these are not her greatest looks. Check her instagram tho! The girl is def. dope! Don’t sleep on her just yet!!!!

  15. Cool style. Not really WoW but you can tell there is some material there. She should work on a more polished and stylish hairstyle. It would bring her outfits to another level. And also what’s up with those Zara face t-shirts? No mam!

  16. @Chan, she should have sent those “dope” fashion pics in then. She knew she was submitting to be a “fashion” bombshell and YES, I’m sleeping on her style. Hell, I’m in a coma right now looking at it! Lol!

  17. I think that all of her looks are solid. They are very in style and she looks good in what she wears. I just don’t think that she has any personal style. All of these looks are straight out of the magazines and right off the mannequins. Everything she wears is soo generic. It can be found at common stores like Zara and so forth. I think she is very cute but I would like to see her mix it up and make things her own.

  18. yep, looks great to me! I don’t see anything exactly daring cuz she said she gives things chances but then again I didnt need to because I liked everything I did see.

  19. I follow her on IG and her style is cute. Nothing out of the ordinary, but its nice to see a girl always dolled up and put together. Zara should also hire her for modeling their shoes so well, great for a diva on a budget!

  20. I don’t like her style it’s not fashion at all, as someone stated previously style consists of putting pieces together not copying what u c online . She’s a pretty girl but not bomb she’ll material & that hair style does that compliment none of the outfits she’s wearing.

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