Today’s Bombshell is Karin from Maryland!
karin from maryland
She says, ” I was born in Germany, I am of Nigerian descent, and I reside in Maryland (The DMV area!).”
karin from maryland
“Differing from the norm definitely portrays my style. Wearing what makes me happy is my policy. I don’t follow trends, I set my own.”

2  karin from maryland
” My style is the 21st century avant-garde movement! I’m definitely pushing the boundaries of what is accepted and expected!”

3  karin from maryland
“… Growing up I never could comprehend why people always had something negative to say about my [vision]. It’s evident that people misconstrue anything that differs from the norm.”

4  karin from maryland
” Now, I’m so used to people saying things like “WOW… only you could pull this off!” When I first started hearing it, I pondered to myself “am I really wearing something unusual?” I honestly saw a vision this morning and made it reality.”

6  karin from maryland
” My reality to some seems to be very peculiar, and to others, daring. But in my opinion, it’s simply a reflection of me.”

7  karin from maryland
” Whether it’s my clothes, accessories, or my sweet crush, a unique pair of SHOES, I put it together and make it my own…TANTALIZING!”

8  karin from maryland
” Individual style should be a reflection of you….Embracing me! :)”

9  karin from maryland
” I have a passion for fashion, a love affair with vintage, and an unbreakable bond with my love my new clothing line, Uniquely Atypical by Karin.”
10  karin from maryland
Refreshingly different! You have your own point of view and pull it off with flair. Hot!
See more of Karin’s style on her site,
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