It’s my last day in London (tear), so I decided to post British Bombshell, Amina!
amina from london
The blogger for didn’t write much in terms of her style description!
amina from london
On her website, she explains the theme of her blog, writing, “I got myself into so much debt as a teenager by taking out loans and store cards just to keep up with my bad shopping habits and the need to keep up with all the latest trends.”
3 amina from london
” I soon realised that as much as I absolutely loved shopping for clothes, shoes and accessories, none of it was truly worth the guilt-stricken, and emotional downer I felt when I had no money in my account and endless bills to pay.”

2 amina from london
“I knew my spending habits just had to change, but I also discovered that going cold turkey and stop shopping forever wasn’t going to happen either. Why? Because I discovered that shopping is a part of who I am.”

1 amina from london
” I just love to shop.”
9 0 amina from london
” Whether I buy something or not, I thoroughly enjoy going into shops and looking at the items they have.”
00 amina from london
” I can spend hours just walking up and down a high street filled with shops.”
9999 amina from london
” I love it. I enjoy it.”

898 amina from london
“You see, as people who love to shop, we can learn to indulge in our passion, without being hurt by it.”

09090 amina from london
Wow, you said a lot of things that I could really relate to! And your looks? On point!
Follow Amina on her blog,, and on Instagram @ms_cheapncheerful.

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