We’re ending this eventful week with Akeylah from Memphis, Tennessee:
Akeylah from memphis
She says, “ I am a pharmacist with hopes of becoming a stylist.”

1 Akeylah from Memphis
” I would describe my style as slightly edgy and carefree.”

3 Akeylah from Memphis.PNG
” I love trying new trends and turning heads.”

2 Akeylah from Memphis

” I also love black because I think it looks good on everyone.”

Akeylah from Memphis
” This fall I am obsessed with anything leather and white pumps.”

8 88 Akeylah from Memphis
” I firmly believe that style has nothing to do with labels and is about taking risks.”

88 Akeylah from Memphis
“First they laugh…”
o Akeylah from Memphis

“… then they copy.”

000 Akeylah from Memphis
” I would love to know what people think about my style!”

Akeylah from Memphis
I think you’re adorable! There were lots of hits, including your plaid shirt, jeans, and white pumps combo. I like!
What do you think?

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30 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Akeylah from Memphis”

  1. Please stick to being a pharmacist – the pay is 6 figured and up! And your style is super tween. No.

  2. Overall, not bad. However, I think a few of her looks could definitely benefit from accessorizing.

  3. Btw, Claire… Post idea: Bombshell All Stars. (before the end of the year) Your staff should pick some of your favorites from the past year then your readers can vote on who had the best style of 2013.

    Engaging and interesting. Just a thought.

  4. Cute girl. Okay style.

    Clair already does and has been for a number of years been having the bombshell and bomber of the year.

  5. I actually love it. Your style is very minimalistic, which is also very trendy right now. My favortie outfit is your floral bomber jacket look! <3

  6. Yes, the Biggie outfit is super cute! All is decent but I wouldn’t say stylist. Maybe not yet!

  7. As an aspiring pharmacist, I suggest sticking with pharmacy even if you’re not in it for the cash and “globetrotability” (yes, I made up a word. Hush).

    Your style, right now, is cute enough (Fav Fit: red harem pants) yet there’s no signature right now which is what a stylist needs. Besides, Akeylah… there’s so few women in STEM fields. #TeamPharmacist :)

  8. Homegirl!! Cute girl, nice legs. Not quite a bombshell, but very close. The BIggie outfit and the all black w/plaid shirt were my faves. Nothing else was earth-moving. Like me, she could use a bit of accessorizing.

  9. The Biggie outfit was the best one for me,All the rest was forgettable. @Amber you must be new to FBD. but it was nice of you to suggest your ideas.

  10. the Biggie outfit was The best one. HANDS DOWN for me.
    All her other Looks are forgettable.
    @Amber you must be new to FBD, but it was nice of you to suggest your idea.

  11. I would have liked to see her professional style…

    Sis please stick to being a pharmacist. We need women of color in the field.

  12. Beautiful girl with a super body but there’s really nothing special about her style. And considering she has stylist aspirations, she’s far from edgy or original. Stick to pharmacy, hon.

  13. I think she could style Angela simmons but she’s not getting close to styling for editorial.

    I think my thing with these bombshells is that it’s just a bunch of pretty girls who dress cute. No one has a point of view independent of trends.

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