Today’s Fashion Bomb Product of the day are the amazing beauty tools provided exclusively by Zena Babbs, lovely wife of R-n-B singer “Tank” Durrell Babbs. Her lush products offered include Polish Exfoliating Mittens, Sonic Gold Beauty Bar, High Roller Facial, & Body Massage. Celebrities that use these in their skin care routine include divas Kim Kardashian and Nazanin Mandi. You can order all three as a set or purchase separately at the link of her Instagram page

Rejuvenate your skin with the stylish polish mittens daily. These remove dead skin and the “pressures of the day” from your body as a gentle scrubbing tool. Over the past several years, the cosmetic industry has experienced a drastic increase in the use of beauty tools. The facial and massage rollers offer a ton of immediate benefits: brightening the skin, improving fine lines and wrinkles, de-puffing the under-eyes, boosting circulation, and helping with lymphatic drainage to get rid of swelling and help sculpt a V-line jaw. Enhance your beauty regime with ease by adding this tools and support our our own brands and business ventures as well!