So I was in Atlanta last week to celebrate my mom’s birthday, and while there, had to stop by the beautiful Buckhead atelier of Dedrick Thomas, the owner of Hideoki Bespoke, a lifestyle and luxury brand that specializes in custom suits and tuxes for men (and women) who mean business.

Though some of you may not be familiar with the name Hideoki Bespoke, you’ve assuredly seen the brand’s expert craftsmanship and made to measure pieces on the backs of fashionable men like T.I., Gucci Mane, Steve Harvey, and More.

Dedrick Thomas is a graduate of the college of Engineering at Mississippi State University, and launched his brand because he, as an executive, couldn’t find the high quality and superior customer service he sought. He said, “Being an executive in an arena where image is everything, I found myself purchasing custom clothing as the result of the limited options and inadequate customer service of upscale and premium department stores. When even the experience of using a tailor did not live up to its promise, I went a step beyond to design clothes for myself. This was the birth of Hideoki Bespoke.”

“…The year was 2007 and I began servicing a very close group of friends using my home as a studio. My vision was to create a clothing business that, rather than focusing on the tailored garment alone, was deeply driven by the lifestyle of the client and the buying experience. This unique approach, combined with the quality and unparalleled fit of Hideoki Bespoke garments, proved to fulfill an unmet need in the marketplace. “

If you’re a man who wants to invest in custom clothing, from suits to sweaters to coats and even shoes and bags, you should definitely check out Book your appointment here.

Images: @MorrisDe/ @HideokiBespoke