Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams is the subject of our latest photo shoot, styled by Eric Burns exclusively for Fashion Bomb Daily.

Stylist Eric Burns plucked pieces by Toussaint L Overture, Balenciaga, Charles and Ron, and Ott Dubai, for a shoot he describes as, “A combination of high fashion, sex appeal, and street chic. I wanted to get Jennifer out of her comfort zone a little bit and try something new.”

Basketball Wives just wrapped, but Jennifer admits that her re-entrance on the popular series after a several season hiatus has been rocky. She says, “It has been a trying season on Basketball Wives. I truly don’t have drama in my real life outside of TV so it is a bit exhausting at times. I am catching hell this season but I say this, the real show is behind the scenes!”

As rumors swirl around her skipping out on the Reunion this season, she confesses, “ I try not to live life with regrets. I believe there is a lesson and/or blessing from every experience whether good or bad.”

She continues, “My worst moment was probably going through a court trial with an ex-boyfriend on camera. I wish it was a clean breakup and the unnecessary court drama was not in my life and especially not while I was filming a reality show. However, it probably resulted in my best moment on the show which was going to see a relationship coach. I wanted to take accountability for being in several dysfunctional relationships and see why I was attracting these type of men in my life. I truly feel Spicy Mari helped me in that department so it was a breakthrough moment for me. ”

Aside from filming for Basketball Wives, Jennifer stays busy with her online store, Classy Girl Wardrobe (she hopes to open a brick and mortar location soon).

With her full schedule, she still finds time to give back with a passion project she is working on called Finding Home. She explains, “[Finding Home] focuses on helping a handful of homeless people in the community to get their lives back on track and a find home. We don’t get to see compassion a lot on Reality TV…I really want people to believe in humanity again. The homeless situation is a huge epidemic in LA. At the top of the year, I made a list of goals and one of them was to give more….so that is what I’m trying to accomplish.”

All in all, she says, ” The ultimate goal for me is to work on projects that bring me joy.”
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Jennifer Williams: @jenniferwilliams
Photographer: @drew.casta
Mua: @cosmetickittyy
Hair: @tijera_jay
Stylist/Creative Director: Eburns @eburnsprepjerks

Look 1:
Jacket: Krie Design @kriedesign
Pants: Lotuz Jakarta @lotuz_jakarta
Boots: Christian Louboutin @louboutinworld
Jewelry: Joeygalon @joeygalon, Jewelry Bar Usa

Look 2:
Bra: Agent provocateur
Pants leather: OTT @Ottdubai
Jewelry: Gold Philosophy @goldphilosophy, ZARA @zara
Fur: Chanel @chanel
Shoes: Christian Louboutin @louboutinworld

Look 3:

Outfit: Toussaint L Overture @designedbytarontino
Jewelry: ZARA @zara Lace by Tanaya @lacebytanaya
Boots: Balenciaga @balenciaga

Look 4:
Dress: Charles and Ron @charlesandron
Jewelry: Cartier @cartier Qloakla @qloakla
Shoes: Christian Louboutin @louboutinworld