So Amber Rose may be refusing interviews, but Mr. West went on camera for The Fashion Bomb at the Yves Saint Laurent Show.


Kanye was very gracious (as usual)…and Ms. Amber was looking fierce in a black catsuit. Represent!

What did you think?
Pssst, a fashion birdie told me that the lovebirds are also here shooting a video for Kanye’s single Robocop. Perhaps why they haven’t been to every show on the schedule…

7 thoughts on “Fashion Bomb Exclusive: Interview with Kanye West”

  1. I love Kanye he is so cute and whether it was Amber or not [because she is with him, I put it down to her] thank Jesu he cut his hair… I wonder what’s happening with Pastelle??

    If he is filming RoboCop he better not disappoint [not that he has] but especially with Miss Rose… beat it out the box ‘Ye. Love them


  2. Great interview, please keep them coming. Your blog just keeps getting better and better! Congrats!

  3. its so funny how ms. rose couldn’t give an interview….


    nevertheless, i love kanye.

    claire, you’re doing great work!

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