Born and raised in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, 29 year-old fashion designer Bree Billiter made her big move to New York City just six years ago in pursuit of her dreams of being a fashion designer, a dream she’s had since she was a young girl. Keeping her goal in mind, she is now living out her dreams as she has made many big accomplishments including joining the growing Fashion Bomb Daily Shop family.

In her new Fall 2021 collection titled Ocean’s Cathedral, Bree Billiter gives us looks featuring vibrant watercolors and delicate sheerness. The latest includes 12 styles with each one evoking senses of mystics and femininity, feelings of which the designer states she was aiming for. Not to mention, the collection essentially serves as personal love letter from the designer to the ocean as evident with the magical, mermaid feels supplied by each garment.

Bree Billiter shares: “It’s hard to make everyday ready-to-wear pieces because I wear crazy things. Each piece has its own personality, but they all tell the same story. The Ocean’s Cathedral Collection ‘Mermaid Suit’ came, then that’s when the entire collection came altogether.”

When creating the Fall 2021 collection, Billiter captured the magical depths of the ocean from the majestic waves to the mystical creatures that lie within. In order to mimic the beauty of the element itself, she made use of hand-dyed silk chiffon and silk charmeuse in each piece throughout the collection, which allowed garments to float down the runway in dancing colors.

Explore more from Bree Billiter’s Fall 2021 Oceans Cathedral collection:

Photos: Artistic Chad / Badmon Brad