So as I was perusing a recent Cool Online Find, DisClothesure, I couldn’t help but be blown away by the professionalism of the site! Everything was easy to navigate, the pictures were beautiful, and I thought: they’re a great example of the right way to host an online site.
belinda sunglasses disclothes11
I’ve seen lots of e-stores in my day. A few thoughts on how to make yours compelling and successful!

1. Have beautiful photography
round the way sunglasses Disclothesure
Fashion is all about the visual–the goal is to transport people to another place. There’s a reason brands like Balmain spend major bucks on models and big time photographers when it comes to ad campaigns. It’s all about the vision.
Not everyone has the coins to employ a Joan Smalls or a Kardashian/Jenner, but you assuredly have people in your circle who could stand in to be great models and photographers. Hire them–heck splurge on a professional stylist. Voila, magic.
Andrea Iyamah Swim Resort 2015

If you’re more into accessories, get a great photog to photograph your wares on alluring backgrounds.
elle tarplin bang clutch
Remember, in fashion: Image is everything!

2. Curate Your Social Media Pages
social media mimi plange
Take a look at ‘high end’ designers. Do you see selfies, back shots in the club, or personal pix? Not so much. Most of the big whigs have a very directional aesthetic for all of their social media pages.
givenchy social media
We all want to express ourselves! Feel free to have a personal social media page that’s all about you and your friends…and keep it private. But for your brand, make sure you’re allll business.
tom ford social media page

Good things to include in your profile: your website, contact address, and any other relevant details.
azede jean pierre social media
Veer away from collages and filters. Focus on big, beautiful pictures that showcase what you’re selling!
simply intricate social media
3. Keep Items in Stock

Draya Michele donned a figure flaunting red dress while at Prive in Atlanta.
Say a celebrity or Instagram style star wears your wares, and sends people to your site. What good is all that fabulous press if you have nothing in stock?!?!
draya red dress

Not suggesting you order hundreds of dresses in anticipation of a celeb wearing it. Here’s how you get around it: offer items for pre-sale, tell customers they’ll get their items in a few weeks, and be ready to GO if and when someone wears it.

0  draya michele shop shai red dress

4.Offer Paypal
Paypal involves fees, yes, but it is a reliable way to send money online, AND protects both buyer and seller. In case something goes left and you have a dispute, Paypal handles it and makes sure all parties are treated fairly. This is probably the best practice to have on your site. Sign up at
paypal 123
5.Remember the Customer is ALWAYS Right.
the customer is always right fashion bomb daily

Having my own online store has taught me so much, Ho Boy! My most recent ‘issue’ involves having to refund a customer without receiving the returned merchandise! It kills me! But regardless of who’s right or wrong, know that things happen. The post office might lose your package or the customer might even be dishonest! Remember: Your reputation prevails. Put policies in place that work best for you (since I own a resale site, I tell everyone to ask all questions before purchasing and have now enlisted a no return policy.). But if all else fails, know that sometimes you have to take a loss. Take it gracefully and just make sure that in the end, most of your customers are happy ones!

claires closet net miz colon 73
A satisfied Claire’s Closet Customer Wearing a Dress I Still Love!

That does it!
There are lots of other branding tips I could offer i.e. picking out a great name, having quality products, and garnering press from bloggers and stars alike! But those are just a few thoughts.
Do you have anything to add?
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