Insecure is one of the hottest television shows out right now!  Almost every millennial can relate to the comical characters and their ever-changing lives. The relationship suspicion between Issa and Lawrence continues to build, causing us to tune in like clock work to see how it unfolds. But while we ride the emotional roller-coaster of their complicated breakup, we can’t help but notice the absolutely FLY shirts Issa’s character sports on the show! We know we aren’t the only ones lusting over her cultural, thought-provoking gear. So we decided to put together a list of shirts you need in order to get your Issa Rae style popping. Get into them below!

  1.  Spiritual Gangsta Muscle Tee, $48

We all know Issa can go from 0 to 100 in a millisecond!  This muscle tee describes her demeanor perfectly.

2.  Silk Crepe Fulani Blouse, $850

Remember the night Issa got dressed up to go on her “promiscuous” tour?  Although we weren’t cheering for the tour, we were definitely cheering for this shirt she wore while on tour.

3.  Hump Make American Gyrate Again Digital Underground Shock G Tee, $19.99


Issa’s comedic antics have us gripping our sides from laughter, and this particular tee she wore right after one of her “escapades” added to the scene perfectly.

4.  Awkward & Black Tee, $25

No words needed for this tee, it explains the entire concept of Issa’s life.

5.  We Got Ya’ll Tee, $24.99

Although her job is challenging, the mission is purposeful and at least the tees are cute.


6.  The Last Poets Sweater, $381.41

This sweater was one of my favorite that Issa wore on a night out with her friends.  It’s simple yet impactful.

See more of Issa’s statement-making tees below.  And don’t forget to tune in this Sunday for the season finale and possibly a peek at more intriguing tees!

7.  A Different World Tee, $47

8.  Woman BW Tee, $25

9.  Classic Graduation Tee, $6.50



10.  Cropped Goodie Goodie Wrecked Tee, $81



Which tee will you be purchasing?