Natural Diamonds vs. Lab-Created Diamonds: What’s the Difference? 

The stone created by extremes. 

Diamonds need extreme pressure, heat, a sprinkle of carbon, and a few million years to become the precious crystals we know and love. 

The gemstone is so iconic, it’s become the inspiration for songs and poetry through the ages.

You’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky!” 

Thanks, Rihanna

But did you know diamonds can also be created by scientists in less than a month

Yep. These are called lab-created diamonds or man-made diamonds. They’re half the price of regular diamonds, and the sparkle is just as strong. 

They require special equipment to tell them apart from the real thing. 

Choosing between an earth-made and man-made diamond is a personal decision. We want to help you know all the facts so that you can make the best choice for your fine jewelry piece. 

Here Are Our Top Reasons Why You Should Buy a Lab-Created Diamond

Man-made diamonds have only recently gained popularity, even though they’ve been around since the 1950s. For some years, it was the stigma of not having a real diamond that kept buyers away. 

Now, we are seeing that many of the benefits outweigh the stigma. Here are some things we love about lab-created diamonds

They’re Eco-Friendly

Talk about a glow-up

Lab-created diamonds are made by science. No mining or drilling is required. 

If you’re passionate about protecting the environment, consider purchasing a lab-created diamond to save the earth from unnecessary harm. 

They’re Budget-Friendly

Yes, they actually are fifty percent less than regular diamonds. Think of all the trips you could take—or all the extra splurging you could do at your wedding.

For this price, you could add extra diamonds to your fine jewelry piece or include precious or semi-precious stones as an accent. The sky’s the limit! 

Lab-created diamonds are made out of the exact same chemical compound as regular diamonds—but these don’t have to be mined, and they don’t take a million years to grow. 

For an even more budget-friendly option, explore moissanite diamonds

They’re Extremely Durable

Since they’re man-made, lab-created diamonds can be even more durable than regular diamonds. They’re a great option for women who are particularly active or who may be concerned about ruining or damaging a real diamond.

Everything We Love About Natural Diamonds

Still want the real thing? We’re partial to earth-made diamonds and recommend using them in your fine jewelry creations. 

However, you should evaluate your specific needs and desires for your jewelry. Here are the occasions when you should buy earth-made diamonds: 

You Use Jewelry as an Investment

Lab-created diamonds are accessible to anyone, anytime. This means they have virtually no investment value. If you use jewelry as a monetary investment, you’re better off purchasing the real thing. Lab-created diamonds were made to be worn now—not to be timeless heirlooms.

You’re Looking for an Heirloom Piece

Speaking of heirlooms, lab-created diamonds aren’t your best bet if you’re looking for something that will be well-loved by your grandchildren. Get a natural diamond if you want a wedding or engagement ring to be passed down for generations.

Gemstone Energy Matters

In recent years, the use of diamonds and crystals as natural healers has surged. Natural diamonds are said to stimulate creativity and broaden imagination

They are natural light-bearers and are suggested for use in increasing energy and heightening your psychic ability. 

Whether or not you believe in the folklore, do consider that diamonds have been used for centuries by people groups around the world—as natural tools and as a sign of wealth

If a gemstone’s energy is important to you, this may be a sign to purchase earth-made diamonds.

Are Lab-Created Diamonds Genuine Diamonds?

Do lab-created diamonds really stand up against diamonds made by Mother Earth? 

Actually, yes. 

It takes special equipment and a trained jeweler to tell the difference between a genuine diamond and one that’s been produced in a laboratory.

Over the years, jewelers have perfected the growth of these diamonds. 

No one will be able to tell whether or not your diamond engagement ring is “real.”

If you think your friends will notice, they won’t.

Lab-created diamonds come from the same stuff as real diamonds. Just with a little more ingenuity and manipulation.

How to Wear Your Lab-Created Diamonds

Shimmer baby, shimmer. 

Because lab-created diamonds are so much more budget-friendly, they provide more opportunities for fine jewelry freedom

With these diamonds, you can add accents to other precious or semi-precious stones without breaking the bank. Or, you can purchase a diamond necklace for half the price.

Consider studding a new watch band with lab-created diamonds, or create your own piece of fine jewelry.

Need more ideas for how to style your jewelry? Check out our top tips for how to wear men’s diamond jewelry. 

Pairing Lab-Created Diamonds with Precious Metals

What precious metals complement diamond gemstones? Here are some of our favorite metal and diamond pairings!

White Gold Lab-Created Diamond Ring

White gold is a classic color that looks stunning with glittery diamonds and a precious stone as an engagement ring focal point. White gold is the exact same as yellow gold—just with a little chemical manipulation.

Yellow Gold Lab-Created Diamond Ring

Buying a lab-created diamond removes a lot of investment value from your ring. If you do want to add a little value back into the ring, consider setting the diamond in a heavy carat yellow gold.

Rose Gold Lab-Created Diamond Ring

We recommend rose gold for women who like to live life outside of the box. Rose gold is a unique addition to any diamond ring. Start with a larger diamond as a focal point and add smaller stones around it to compliment the pale pink.

Finding a Quality Diamond

Choosing the diamond for you depends on several variables. 

Does your piece hold special sentiment or value to your family? Consider how long you intend to wear it and decide on your budget.

If you do choose to purchase a lab-created diamond, make sure your diamond is IGI certified

Stick to your guns and your values—and make the decision that’s right for you.