On August 23, the grand final of Miss Universe World International took place in Miami. Joanna Borov, a national delegate, originally from Poland won the title and is the new reigning queen. 

Joanna currently lives in Miami and besides her fabulous modeling career, she attends law school. 

Joanna is an animal advocate and she constantly gets involved in animal charities. Recently, her campaign for JAB Canid Education and Conservation Center was exhibited on billboards in different places in California including Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.  

Miss Universe World International is one of the most prestigious beauty pageants that not only judges girls’ appearance but also skills, achievements, and attitude toward life. Joanna previously took part in other beauty pageants when she lived in London, United Kingdom, and traveled to Monaco.

Borov has been modeling for several years, and because of this she lived and traveled to different countries, including Argentina, Korea, Thailand, France, Italy, and the United Arab Emirates. She previously signed contracts with top modeling agencies in various countries. 

Thanks to her modeling career, she became highly recognizable in her home country and is getting more and more recognition worldwide. Unlike many other celebrities, she was never associated with any scandals. On the contrary, Joanna constantly emphasizes the necessity of education and hard work. She has worked with top brands, including American iconic women’s wear brand Bebe. The model walked at prestigious events like Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, and New York Fashion Week. 

She doesn’t share many insights into her private life, but we know that her zodiac sign is Pisces, she is currently single, has a rescue dog, and is very close with her family. She has one sister. Joanna loves sports, especially swimming, and has a very healthy lifestyle.