With Black Lives Matter movement, the world’s gaze is now cast onto black owned businesses and how they can support. We at Fashion Bomb Daily have been champions for this cause for years, and even created a marketplace for Black Designers, FashionBombDailyShop.com.

Today’s Designer feature goes to FashionBombDailyShop.com designer, S Denton Collection:

The Newark, New Jersey native and Atlanta resident got her start because she would always get clothes made–until her garment designer encouraged her to learn how to sew herself! She said, ” I’ve always loved putting looks together and sketching ideas for others designers to make for me personally. So all it took was for 1 woman to believe in me and teach me how to sew. Once I made my first garment it became an addiction and I found purpose in it.”

” I was more focused on what my family wanted for me which was to get a degree and work in corporate America. So I pushed the idea [aside] until she said she wouldn’t make my pieces any more and would teach me to sew. So once I started, I pretty much never stopped. That was now 6 years ago!”

She continues, “S. Denton Collection is every woman. It’s a lifestyle. S. Denton Collection is empowering fun flirty & sparkly yet sexy for woman of all shapes, sizes, and colors.”

Fittingly, the first celebrity client who ever wore S. Denton collection was Erica Mena. But, she said, “It wasn’t until I reached out to Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily that I felt the celeb roller coaster took off. Once she wore my sequin suit the brand just soared!”

She offers, “Investing in marketing for your brand is very important. It goes beyond social media. I had to learn the importance of my email list versus just posting pictures via social media. If social media crashed today, how would I keep my brand afloat? Cross promotion and product placement are important. The right people or placement can help your brand.”

For those looking to become a fashion designer, she says, “I’ve learned that in running a fashion brand you must focus on perfecting your craft at all times. Focus on what you do and stay true to your lane. Research and learn all you can. You will always be learning in fashion as trends change everyday. Don’t ever get caught up in what others are doing. As long as you stay true to your passion and do the work you have the ability to take your brand far. Trust your process.”

She concludes, “I plan to take S. Denton Collection far. I look forward to working to get the brand placed into major name department stores so that consumers can physically touch, feel, and buy the garments. I see Vogue and big name magazine collaborations. I plan to franchise and become a a whole lifestyle brand. I’m talking house hold items pillows, curtains, shower curtains, etc..” We can’t wait to see!

She adds, “To any entrepreneur out there: Whatever you are doing, be in it 100%! It will challenge you and you must be strong and passionate. Giving up should never be the solution when things don’t go right (trust me they will go wrong). But learn from those mistakes and push forward!”

Alright! Shop S. Denton Collection at FashionBombDailyShop.com.
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