Amber Alert!
The studs of last season have been reupped and replaced by sharp, shiny spikes!

Rihanna Spike Fashion

Rihanna Spikes Fashion

Extra Rated R Rihanna has been going hard with spiked shoulders, dresses, and full on tracksuits for publicity parties and red carpet events.

Lady Gaga Spike Fashion

Of course not too far behind is the imfamous Lady Gaga who wears spiked, hooded, painful looking bodysuits.

Alicia Keys Spikes Fashion

Even the normally demure Alicia Keys went for a spiked edge rocking a sparkly silver cuff.

Melody Thornton Spikes Fashion

And red carpet regularMelody Thornton took the look to a new level with a spike lapel jacket and matching boots. As an aside, do we have a new Style Star on our hands?

If you want to incorporate the look into your everyday life, do so with fun accessories like shoes, necklaces, and bracelets:

Will you be trying this trend?